New Year Celebration, Nuts & Breads


Last chinese new year we managed to get away to Beijing. Unfortunately this year, Mike had to stay babysitting the hotel, as he sent all of the managers to take a few days leave. The city’s life is practically put on hold. Everywhere is so quiet, shops are all closed for more than a week (some would stay close for 2-3 weeks even), the hotel’s occupancy dropped significantly during these days. Food is getting scarce – *lucky that we live in a hotel where getting food is not really a problem* – unless one stocks up well prior to the celebration. The shopping frenzy happened 3 days before the celebration. Food stalls, street vendors, supermarkets were all packed with thousands of people and everything would be sold out instantly.

I’m not sure if I want to go out for the next coming few days, partially because of the weather that stay below minus two digits everyday, the other reason is that there isn’t much to do and see out there.

A few days ago, I experimented on the no-knead bread recipe. Thanks to Dita for her inspiring photo that makes me drool,  I peeked the recipe from Steamy Kitchen.  It’s amazing how one’s palate can change completely during pregnancy. I used to be more of a savoury person, but now I drool over things that’s super sweet, gooey, sticky caramelly with sprinkles of chopped nuts. A few months ago, I thought pickled cornichons was food from heaven. I must’ve gone mad!!!


No-knead Sticky Pecan Caramel Cinnamon Rolls
Click here for recipe
Modification: We’re not a big fan of walnut,
so we use pecans instead. The filling is made without nutmeg &
black pepper (yuck!) I added chopped brazilian nuts & dates.
Double yums!!!

PhotobucketNo-knead Gruyere Cheese Rolls
to view recipe click here
This is another modification I made, just by replacing the filling
with crushed garlic, sprinkles of oregano, sprinkles of basil,
grated vintage cheese and Gruyere cheese

All of the nuts I bought from the local market next door, literally, it’s a small alley located next to our place. On regular days this market is so full of vendors selling every unimaginable things. One day I spotted a guy walking around in the market with a live bull tied around the neck, he was selling it for the meat. Great little place to walk around and find little surprises. I bought a bag of fresh brazil nuts, macademia, pecans and roasted almonds  (about 500 gram each)  for 75 Yuan only – that would be about US$11 total.


From almonds, macademia, walnuts, pecans, sunflower seeds,
chestnuts, brazilian nuts, pistachios….
and some unidentified nuts. Take your pick!


Warm chestnuts is a beautiful snack in wintertime
This cost about 5 Yuan/bag – less than a dollar

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  Veggie Wedgie wrote @

Oh wow! I love brazil nuts!

  Nate wrote @

I love those roasted chestnuts.

Happy Niu Year!

  Tangled Noodle wrote @

I can never get enough of your beautiful photography – the food seems to jump right off the screen. The gruyere cheese rolls look amazing!

  marlin wrote @

Beberapa hari yl, di pasar ada yg jual brazilian nut, ngga tahu mau di apakan, krn baru hari itu lihat. Mungkin sekarang sudah ngga ada. Wah disana harganya murah banget yah.

  Angela wrote @

These Cinnamon Rolls look amazing and so full of goodness! I’m dieting right now and have given myself a free day on the weekends. I make a list during the week of all the stuff I want on that day and these will for sure be on the list.

  barefootster wrote @

Di tempatmu mahal ga lin? wiiiihhh, beliiiii…. at least buat cemilan aja wuenak. *uh, dasar memang gila nuts gw mah*

Whoa, I sure have to be on a diet too, Angela. This cinnamon rolls sure doesn’t help my waist size. oh well….. 😀

  barefootster wrote @

your site is amazing too, mind if I link to you TN?

  Cheryl Marie Cordeiro wrote @

The gruyere cheese rolls look delicious! Love the photography of the nuts in little bowls as well!

Have a wonderful year ahead in 2009!


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