Sate Lilit Bali


I am so delighted to be invited by Bee from Rasa Malaysia to be a guest blogger on her website featuring Indonesian cuisine.  After a few short discussions, back and forth emails with a foodie blogfriend, Pepy from Indonesia-Eats, we agree to come up with a different concept featuring varieties of a particular dish that’s popular in Indonesia & Asia. So, this would be quite fun to do.

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Indonesia is believed to be the Home of Sate.  Ini katanya Wiki loh, saya taunya kalo di Indonesia sate itu variasinya banyak banget, sampai-sampai beberapa jenis malah saya belum pernah denger sama sekali apalagi nyobain.

Kalo di mainland dan Inner Mongolia sini, jenis satenya simpel tapi macemnya buanyaaaakkk…..  apa juga dibikin sate loh. Dari jenis yang umum spt daging sapi, ayam, babi, kambing, bebek, cumi, ikan, sampai yang khusus jeroan aja, sate lidah bebek, sate jantung bebek, sate usus…..  bumbu dippingnya simple, cuma chili oil, sedikit jinten & szechuan pepper yang bunder-bunder kecil spt merica tapi bisa bikin lidah senut-senut.
More about chinese street food bisa dilihat  DISINI dan   DISINI

Sate is actually claimed as  Indonesian’s national dish,
which reputation can only be matched by “Soto”- Indonesian fragrant soup
( ini sih kata saya…..   😀 )


(Balinese Minced Seafood Sate)

Bali is known as the island of a thousand temple, I think it should be credited for the island of fragrant spices.

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Recipe Sate Lilit Bali

* 250 gr shrimp – clean, deveined
* 250 gr mackerel – or any firm white flesh fillet
* 50 gr dessicated coconut
* 6 pcs kaffir lime leaves – thinly sliced
* 2 tbs sugar  – can use any sugar, but coconut sugar is better
* red capsicum – tiny cubes for sprinkles
* bamboo skewers or fresh lemon grass may be used

Processed Ingredients:
* 8 pcs shallots
* 2 pcs garlic
* 2 cm galangal or blue ginger
* 2 cm kencur or lesser galangal
* 1 tsp coriander seeds
* 1 cm fresh turmeric
Mince all ingredients until they turn into a smooth paste. DO NOT FRY

Cooking Directions:
1.) Mix both fish & shrimp in food processor until smooth.
Mix in dessicated coconut. Add 3 tbs of thick coconut milk
2.) Add processed ingredients, mix well. Add salt & sugar to taste
3.) If the mixture is still too dry, you may add 1 egg white and a bit of olive oil
4.) Shape the mixture on sate sticks/lemongrass stalk, flatten slightly
5.) Charcoal grill sate until light brown and cooked through

* This article is a collaboration between Cooking Etcetera, Indonesia-Eats and  Rasa Malaysia

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  vania wrote @

Woooowww, kereeeen… very beautiful pictures Mbak.
hari ini aku mo bikin sate ayam, u/ temen makan nasi kuning 🙂
Hidup Sate!

  barefootster wrote @

whooo hooo…. hidup sate juga! halah Van, ini blum ada apa2nya dibanding foto2 mu. Aku cinta banget sama foto2 mu loh *ikutan blajar yaaaaaa*

  pablopabla wrote @

I had these when I visited Bali last September 😀 Enak!

  fitri wrote @

anjriiit.. poto nya bikin gue ‘klenger’ gilaa.. cakeeep mak..

btw, emang kudu pake mackarel gitu ? soalnya gue ga pernah liat fillet mackarel disini.. hik.. 😦 padahal pingin loh..

  Adeline wrote @

I found your website from Rasa Malaysia. You have a great blog and all your photos are gorgeous. I have been wanting to learn more about Indonesian food after traveling to Bali a few months ago for my honeymoon.

Thanks for this beautiful recipe as it reminded me of the great foods I had there.

  barefootster wrote @

Fitri: first trial gw pake mackerel, tapi foto yang ini gw pake fillet weaver fish… apa aja asal texturenya bagus & daging putih mak….

  barefootster wrote @

Thanks Adeline, y’welcome. Hope you enjoy the recipe…
Agree, Bali is such an amazing place

  mindy wrote @

nice presentation,Dhi

  dwiana wrote @

Loh Dhi, gw liat foto yg pertama ada di tempat peppy, ahh gk baca yg bener gw.

langsung sukses ngiler gw mak. photo series nya juga very nice.

  Cynthia wrote @

I made Bee’s satay last year and it was the best I have ever had! It was excellent.

I like your styling of serving it in a shot glass.

  ceendy wrote @

Your food photography concept for sate lilit is so creative!
I’m also an Indonesian living abroad, I will keep on browsing to quench my thirst for Indonesian foods!

  ceendy wrote @

can you share the recipe for the condiment that looks like acar cabe?

  gabbygourmet wrote @

Love all the pictures and presentation of your dish. It looks beautiful!

  zwieback wrote @

mba, kalau untuk bikin sambalnya sate lilit kayak di atas itu apa aja bahannya dan gimana ? thanks before ya mba, pingin coba aku 🙂

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