Rosewater Panna Cotta


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Rosewater. Ancient’s most romantic herbs used in various recipes during the Arab Empire to make sweet drinks and desserts or for seasoning savory dishes. I just love the idea of making sweets using rosewater. The sweet scent of  rose beautifully lingers on a little longer in the mouth after the the food has gone.

I love it!

Today, I decided to cook up a simple dessert with divine flavours of rosewater. Rosewater is a rare thing to find here in Inner Mongolia, but I managed to buy a bottle a few weeks ago. I’ve kept it for a while and now it’s the perfect time to make one. After last night’s simpe birthday party at home, left me with some ingredients, enough to make panna cotta – plus there’re lots of red roses for my photo props.

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(makes 6/7 pcs)

*  100 gr caster sugar
*  500 ml heavy cream
*  100 gr sour cream
*  4 tbs rosewater (dillute in 1 cup of water)
*  10 gr gelatine powder
*  sprinkles of vanilla crystal

1.)  Heat sugar, vanilla & rosewater + water in a pan
2.)  When sugar dissolved, add gelatine. Careful not to boil
3.)  Whisk it until gelatine dissolves completely
4.)  Add heavy cream. Cook through
5.)  Pour mixture into panna cotta moulds
6.)  Let it cool – refrigerate for 4/5 hrs until set.
7.)  Drizzle with rosewater syrup


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  Abra Bennett wrote @

Your photos are really lovely!

  Pepy wrote @

Dhi, I bet I would love this. Gorgeous pictures as usual! I love the scent of rose water in my Muhallabia (Lebanese almond rice pudding).

  barefootster wrote @

Thanks Pep, I luv this sweets too 😀 – kapan2 aku coba ah bikin mulhallabia

  barefootster wrote @

Thanks Abra

  Mariena Payne wrote @

Nice pics..!!! and thanks for the recipes.
Aku link yaaa…salam kenal

  Sefa wrote @

Panna cottanya cantik banget… itu pake cetakan ya Dhi?
eh btw, aku kelupaan mau ngasih award (aku ngasih ke 3 orang Dita, eh namamu kelewatan)

  lintang wrote @

hmmm ampe cetakannya mawar.. wanginya nyampe sini Dhi

  Cate wrote @

these are simply beautiful! my daughter would flip out if we made these together. she’s going through a big pink phase, so these would definitely please her eye.
and please! panna cotta with rose water? it must be good. mmm.

  barefootster wrote @

Sefa: yups, cetakan mawar juga….. gw kebagian award? waksss… heheheh, gw intip deh 😀

Lintang: yoiiii…. centil banget ga seh :-))))

Cate: she’s a pink girl, isn’t she. She’d love this! Thanks for stopping by Cate…

  pixen wrote @

simply beautiful picts and recipe! I have 2 bottles of Rosewater as well. Been keeping them in fridge for long time. How are you???

  barefootster wrote @

2 bottles? hmmm, I’m already thinking of making another sweet treats with that 😀

  Cynthia wrote @

Oh look how beautiful the colour is. In my travels I must look for some rose water.

  Katie wrote @

They’re so pretty! What a great idea.

  Pille wrote @

I love the pink colours!

  foni wrote @

waw rose mold cakep banget bu

  Susan wrote @

Truly lovely! I’m crazy about rosewater. Thanks for the SHF entry. Please add a mention of it in this post as well as links to me and Jennifer. I’ll make sure it is in the round-up!

  Fitriyah wrote @

Mbak,ini mirip Muhallabia ya?
Air mawarku putih bening….

  barefootster wrote @

Punyaku dah dicampur rosewater syrup soale 😛

  Lubna Karim wrote @

Wow awesome recipe. Nicely done also. I simply love it. First time here. Will visit again.

  Lucy wrote @

Beautiful. Just breathtaking. Rosewater – I could drown very happily in the stuff!

  lisa (dandysugar) wrote @

This dessert is so lovely! I love the flavor of rosewater…what a great recipe! Beautifully done!

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