Party Noodles


David, our friend, had an early birthday celebration last Friday before he went away to Bangkok. I gladly volunteered myself to cook a couple of dishes. Nothing fancy. Grilled Chicken in Balinese spices, Lamb ribs in oriental sauce and one more dish to be decided later on. Because one of the guest is a Dutch, I thought he would appreciate some Indonesian cuisine that he’d recognize on the menu. Perhaps something like nasi goreng, satay or  fried noodles. I opted for the last one. Guess I wasn’t wrong afterall, I had never seen anybody cleaned up the plate so fast like he did. Which is sort of a compliment to the cook.  *grins*


* 1 package of rice noodles
* small bunch of caisin or choy sum – chopped roughly
* small bunch of shiitake mushroom, cleaned and sliced
* 12 pcs of medium shrimps
* 2 slices of galangal root or blue ginger
* 1 egg
* 2 tbs of oyster sauce
* 8 pcs of shallot + 6 pcs of garlic – minced
* 1 pc of bay leaf
* salt, pepper, dash of dark soy sauce – chopped chilis if you like it spicy
**oops, almost forgot the crucial part – 1 tsp of roasted terasi**
Some tips, fry the shrimp heads with garlic + onions then discard them. Use the thick n sweet soy sauce and a bit of shrimp paste or terasi will make a world’s different

Cooking directions:
1.) Soak noodles in boiling water until soft enough,
     add few drops of olive oil
2.) Drain then set aside in a strainer
3.) Stir fry garlic + shallots until fragrant. Add shrimp,
     oyster sauce, bay leaf
4.) Break eggs & stir well. Add noodles, mix in thoroughly.
5.) Drizzles of dark soy sauce, fish sauce, salt, pepper and chilis to taste.
6.) Mix in chopped caisim & mushrooms. Close lid & put on heat on high.
7.) Upon serving, sprinkle with some fried shallots – bawang goreng

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  sarah wrote @

love the noodles, but more importantly, love those gorgeous yellow bowls.

  VIV wrote @

love oyster sauce.. everything with oyster sauce sounds yummy!!

  mindy wrote @

say… mangkoknya itu menggiurkan banget dweh. pengen *celamitan mode on*

  n33ma wrote @

wow you have an awesome blog……..great pics.

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