Choux Pastry ~ Kue Sus

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I’ve put off baking since coming back from that Shenzhen trip. Trying to catch up on the vacation pics, retouching, sorting out laundry & other things. But I have this crazy cravings for sweets which seems to be getting worse since I’m on my 20th week. Mike’s been talking about how he loves custard, that particular Edmonds brand from New Zealand. Suddenly I remember all of those choux pastries my mom often made at home.

I’ve never really tried to make them myself, although I remember clearly how she does it. I used to watch her a lot in the kitchen. Helping to stir or chop something and play with flour. After a quick scrambling of recipe search on the internet, I’m settled with the one from Penny Lane  and  Joy of Cooking  *Thank you Riana!*

True, it’s probably the easiest pastry to make, but it can be tricky too. With some helpful tips, those babies can rise beautifully, puffy and hollow on the inside. My first batch wasn’t quite a success. I didn’t cook the flour long enough, the dough was sort of watery and my biggest mistake was to dump in more flour. Tsk… tsk…!  Here’s the ‘unsuccessful’  first batch. Smacked flat! the inside is still a bit doughey  😦


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  The first batch went flat!       But the second one works!!

Determined to get this right, I made the second batch. I remember my mom this time “Let the flour to cook long enough on the heat” she would say.  I paid close attention to the eggs too. Three eggs till the dough consistency looked perfect. Not runny.  After about 20 mnts in the oven, those babies started rising higher and higher. Beautiful! Yay! It works!!!


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* 130 gr high protein flour
* 1 tsp salt
* 90 gr unsalted butter
* 3 pcs eggs
* 250 ml water

Fillings:  ( I made from instant custard)
*  2 tbs custard powder from Edmonds
*  4 tbs sugar
*  2 cups of fresh milk
*  3 tbs dark rum
*  1/2 tsp crystal vanilla

Cooking Directions:
1.) Heat water, butter & salt until boiling
2.) Add flour bit by bit while whisking, keep it on low heat
3.) Ensure to whisk the dough thoroughly till well blended
4.) Turn off heat. Let it cool for a while
5.) Add eggs one by one while whisking
6.) Spoon/use pastry bag & squeeze onto silicone sheet
7.) Make a big blog, ensure no hole at the bottom
8.) Pre-heat oven 200C, bake for 25-30 mnts

Few Tips:
* Do not open the oven door while baking
* Ensure dough is on low heat while mixing the flour
* Do not take out the puff when the surface is still
   bubbling with butter. Leave it a little bit longer
* Once baked, cool on a wire rack

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  heather wrote @

wow, those look delicious! they’re so light and golden and flaky!!

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