Prawn Sukiyaki

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I have some leftover ingredients in the fridge. I was actually thinking of making taiwanese beef noodle soup, but missing a few key ingredients, so I ended up making prawn sukiyaki instead.

* 60 ml veggie oil
* 8 pcs tiger prawns
* 100 gr bean sprouts, soaked in hot water
* 1 pcs large onions, sliced
* 4 pcs spring onions, chopped
* 200 ml chicken broth
* 4 pcs shiitake mushroom, sliced
* 1 bunch of enoki mushroom
* 250 gr chinese cabbage, sliced
* 75 gr rice noodles – soaked in hot water
* 3 pcs eggs

Soup Ingredients:
* 100 ml Kikkoman soy sauce
* 200 ml broth
* 2 tbs sake
* 75 ml mirin
* salt, sugar, pepper to taste

Cooking directions:
1.) Stir fry onions until fragrant then add prawns, tofu,
     spring onions
2.) Add some broth. Let it boils, then add other vegetables until half cooked
3.) Stir in pre-cooked rice noodles.
4.) Add soup ingredients. Let it boil. Break eggs and cook on high for 2 mnts
5.) Ready to serve

**Recipe from Femina

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  Syrie wrote @

Your sukiyaki looks delicious. The presentation is gorgeous.

  barefootster wrote @

Thank you Syrie 😀

  David wrote @

your pictures looks gorgeous .
finish your meal with MAD MAC “Matcha Green Tea Macarons”
I love them .

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