Strawberry Cupcakes

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I love cooking. But baking is still a pretty new thing for me. Although I used to watch and help mom baked when I was a kid – she’s quite an expert in that field and does it as her side business, none of her baking skills seem to stick with me. My baking experience so far hasn’t been exactly a smooth ride; lots of hiccups that ends up in baking disasters. You name it, I’ve been through all of them: burnt cakes, underbaked bread, flat head muffins, dough that won’t rise and budge, etc. But not today

I wasn’t really planning on baking anything when I saw these beautifully ripe strawberries from Beijing stacked up on a display in the supermarket. They smell soooo sweet. I have to get them. Will decide later what to do with them.

Flipping through some cook books, I think I found a recipe from 500 Cupcakes Recipe Book. So simple to make and so wonderfully creamy with quite a distinct strawberry scent in it. Beautiful!!!

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Simple yet sophisticated!

* 225 gram unsalted butter – softened
* 225 caster sugar
* 225 self-raising flour
* 1 tsp baking powder
* 4 eggs – room temp
* 1 tsp strawberry essence
* 1 cup chopped fresh strawberries

* 200 gr cream cheese
* 375 gr icing sugar, sieved
* 225 gr unsalted butter, softened
* pink food coloring
* silver balls/sliced fresh strawberries
~ Whisk all with electric whisk until smooth

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1.) Preheat oven 175C/350F – prepare baking cases in muffin tins
2.) Combine butter, sugar, flour, baking powder, eggs & essence
     Beat with electric whisk until light and creamy
3.) Stir in chopped fresh strawberries
4.) Spoon batter into cases. Bake for 20 mnts
5.) Remove cupcakes and cool on a rack
6.) Spread icing on top of cupcakes

Recipe from 500 Cupcakes

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  mindy wrote @

hasilnya menyek² gitu ga Dhi? soalnya gw tiap bikin strawberry cuppies, blom nemu resep yg ok krn terlalu basah.

  barefootster wrote @

Resep cupcake dari buku ini lumayan oke kok Min, si strawberry cupcake ini gak mlenyek. Gak pake susu (kok martha stewart punya pake susu yah?)

  mindy wrote @

ow gw nyoba yg pake susu, menurut gw terlalu basah. trus pernah nyoba juga pake selai strawberry, tetep kurang puas dgn hasilnya. ya ucrit, resep lo ini akan gw coba pas punya strawberry segar. tfs ya say

  Recipe Round-Up! — Sugared Ellipses . . . wrote @

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  lisa (dandysugar) wrote @

These are so adorable and sweet! I’m inspired to make strawberry cupcakes now…your photo looks delicious enough to eat!

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