A Yummy Clash: Eggplant Tofu Lasagna

It may be a bit early to get back into my sweet old kitchen. Still tired from the long flights plus the headache of dealing with the newly revised regulations for the visa – meaning that there’s a big possibility that I may have to go back to home country every month for visa extension. This may sounds like fun in the beginning, but trust me. It’s not.

Unpacking still in progress as we speak. The livingroom has been turned into a huge ‘dumpster’ for sorting out my little souvenirs, mostly of stuff that I can’t get in China, like kitchen mixer. Can you believe that? Fortunately I managed to hand carry it into the cabin, after so much hassles and questions from the customs in three different countries. “Yes, it’s a machine, a mixer actually. What for? Baking, of course” I replied.

For an afternoon break, I decided to go to supermarket. Oh wow! Mongolian eggplants are back in season now. Yay! Those babies are soooo round and big, perfect for the recipe I’ve been planning to cook.

After grilling, these Mongolian eggplants become so sweet and juicy. I stacked them with quick-fried succulent chinese tofu then topped with meatless bolognese sauce with zucchini, mozarella cheese and fresh basil. We’re going vegetarian this time. Sounds perfect for our lunch. I love the taste of the tofu in sweet & tangy Italian flavours. Different, but nice. And eggplants will never go wrong with this sauce anyway. Whoaaa…. yummy!


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*  1 whole round eggplant, sliced
*  1 block of soft tofu
*  1 can of Italian tomato paste
*  1 whole onions, cubed
*  pinch of fresh basil leaves
*  2 pcs bay leaves
*  salt, pepper, sugar to taste
*  1 pcs medium size zucchini, cubed
*  sour cream & grated parmesan cheese


1.) Slice eggplant, soak in salt water for a while
to get rid of the bitterness
2.) Drain & pat dry with paper towel. Lightly sprinkle with olive oil
3.) Grill eggplants until soft & slightly brown. Set aside
4.) Slice tofu, lightly fry in olive oil. Set aside
5.) Cook onions until transparent, add zucchini & bay leaves.
6.) Cook well then add tomato paste, basil, sugar, pepper
     salt and parmesan cheese
7.) Place eggplant, then tofu and top with tomato mixture.
     Repeat until finish – top with sour cream and vegetable garnish


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I am also submitting this image to   CLICK Photo Event – Red   for January 2009,  hosted by Jugalbandi.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
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  fitri wrote @

cintaaaaaaaaah…welkomback…!! hihihi, edaan..kudu tiap bulan mudik ? ga lucuuuuu..sumpee..ga lucu banget, tapi next month dah puasa dan lebaran pan lo disana yaa..enjooy..

itu foto cakeeeep..!! tema merah putih hihih.. teteeeep..usaha mancing qiqiqiqi..

  Sunshinemom wrote @

Lovely picture! Looks so tempting and absolutely fitting for the theme! Pls. refer my link in this post alongwith the logo…that would just complete the entry:)

  dita wrote @

lovely food styling!
Ohhh lo abis mudik toh, pantes gak kedengeran suaranya eh keliatan tulisannya ;). LO abis borong loyang ya, nek?
Duh itu urusan visa kenapa bisa begitu? Buset tiap bulan musti bulak balik?

  elsye wrote @

endanggg Dhi gue punya terong tuh tapi bingung mau diapain..:P, btw ga banget ya boow mesti bolak balik tiap bulan 😀

  Findrie wrote @

Mba Dhi, ijin copy resepnya ya mo coba bikin..kayaknya enak banget! (apa karena fotonya yang keren banget ya jd bikin ngiler? hehe)..Thx

  barefootster wrote @

Fitri: tengkiu maaak… niatnya bikin foto lain yang lbh red-white theme gituuuu 😀

Sunshinemom: done!

Dita: tengkiuuuu, borong loyang, prakteknya maceeett

Elsye: akhirnya diapain terong lo? 😛

Findrie: Duh, ambil aja Fin, boleh bangeeeett 😀

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