My coffee affair: Macademia Brownies


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I’m going to stick to the recipe I know works, the one I got from Bakerzin’s Dessert Book by Daniel Tay, founder of Bakerzin. Those brownies are so heavenly moist, chocolatey, perfect sweetness and keeps well in the fridge. I still have a bag of fresh macademia nuts bought from the market a few days ago, sprinkles of chopped macademia creates a whole new flavours with touch of nuttiness to this perfect chocolatey bites.

Perfect for my morning coffee and afternoon tea!

Reposting recipe

* 325 gr all purpose flour
* 5 gr baking powder
* 150 gr cocoa powder (I use Droste & Van Houten)
* 225 gr cream cheese
* 860 gr sugar (a bit too sweet for me, I use 660 gr only)
* 1/2 tsp vanilla essence
* 10 gr salt
* 450 gr unsalted butter (softened)
* 400 gr eggs
* 300 gr chopped macademia
* butter for greasing


Cooking Direction:
1.) Preheat oven 180C or 350F
2.) Sift flour, baking powder, cocoa powder into a bowl
3.) Separately mix sugar & butter till fluffy, then add
vanilla essence, salt & cream cheese till well blended
4.) Fold eggs into cream cheese mixture, then gradually
fold in flour mixture. Add chopped macademia nuts
5.) Lightly grease the pan you’re going to use
Level the batter and bake for 20-25 mnts
(for shallow square pan I use baking sheets)
6.) Unmould & cool brownie. Top with warm chocolate melt
and sprinkles of chopped macademia


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** Recipe Source: Just Desserts by Daniel Tay

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  limeandlemon wrote @

looks soo delicious … love the photos .. Laila ..

  Sophie wrote @

This macadamia brownie looks so delicious! I wish that I could grab it now, alongside my cup of coffee! Mmmmmmm…

  alicia wrote @

These looks delicious! more than delicious.. sinfully delicious! I wish i had one right now!..or two or three. Good job!

  bakingforthecure wrote @

Amazing photos! Sounds like a delicious recipe 🙂

  barefootster wrote @

Thanks Laila!

  barefootster wrote @

Thanks Alicia, I love those cupcakes too

  barefootster wrote @

@ Sophie: yups, they’re just perfect together….

  Holly wrote @

Beautiful Brownies.

  lisa (dandysugar) wrote @

Oooh, these look sinfully delicious. One of these and a nice cup of coffee = happiness.

  Kaitlyn wrote @

wow the picture makes my mouth water! it looks so yummy!

  barefootster wrote @

ditto, Lisa 😉 serious sugar & caffeine kick in the morning… :-))))

Thanks Kaitlyn!

  Kevin wrote @

Those look so good!! Bookmarked

  pigpigscorner wrote @

This looks really delicious! Love what you did with the topping!

  Ayin wrote @

Dhi makasih infonya….
dia blm minta ijin tadi aku udah kasi komment di blognya

btw itu bronies bikin ngiler… apalagi banyak kacangnya gitu

  Great Site! wrote @

Hey, I wanted to link you to my site. You have some great ideas on food. I have a category of food and recipes. We could share ideas. Let me know. Thanks

  Tuty wrote @

The brownies look so devilishly yummy 🙂
I have to try this.

Salam kenal

  barefootster wrote @

@ Greatsite: yes, please do, y’welcome to put my link there. I couldn’t post the reply on yours though…..

@ Tuty: thank you. Salam kenal juga, Tuty.

Ayin, sama-sama mak…. doyan macademia jugakah? hahahhaha 😀

Keviiiinnn, thanks for stopping by. I love your blog!!!

  Cheryl Marie Cordeiro wrote @

Gorgeous photography! This recipe is also one worth trying!


  pris wrote @

i choked on bread reading the recpe. how many trays of brownies did you make with this amt of ingredients? scarey but looks delish i think i’ll quarter this recipe haha. how many eggs are 400g?

  barefootster wrote @

Thanks Cheryl 😀

@ Pris: enough for us for several days as I don’t bake everyday. We have many guests over so usually this portion lasts about 4-5 days. Yeah, I guess you can do half or 1/4 recipe if you’re alone.

400 gr of eggs is about 7-8 pcs without shells (that’s where I use here in the mainland) Have a look here for how much an egg weighs

  Sharon wrote @

Hi again – I would love to make these, is there any chance you could translate measurements for me as I would love to make these? Your photos are scrumptiously beautiful and your cheesecake receipe is THE BEST!!! Thanks again from New Mexico, USA.

  barefootster wrote @

Hi Sharon! Don’t quite get what you mean by translating the measurement…. measurement cups usually also include how much in grams – you can also use scale

  Simply Life wrote @

Oh my, i’m not sure I’ve ever seen a dessert look more amazing!!!

  mma shirts wrote @

This is making me so hungry! Mmmm 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

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