Allspice Cookies ~ Speculaas


We ran out of biscuits to go with our afternoon tea.  Apparently there’s a cookie monster at home who keeps gobblin down all the cookies.   Ah well, it’s time to start baking something different anyway after the last successful Gruyere Crusty Loaf.   This is by far the easiest cookies  I’ve ever baked.  Only the first attempt and they turned out beautifully crunchy with that pleasant allspice aroma – Indonesians call it  “spekkoek”  spices.



* 250 gr cookie flour
* 100 gr granulated palm sugar
* 125 gr unsalted butter
* 1 tbs ground allspice (spekkoek powder)
* 2 tbs milk
* 1 cup chopped cashews/almonds

Cooking Directions:
1.)  Whisk butter and palm sugar until completely  soft & fluffy
2.)  Prepare sifted flour, ground allspice & baking soda
Add butter-sugar mixture
3.)  Fold in chopped cashews/almonds
4.)  Using roller pin or hand, flat dough into surface
5.)  Cut into desired shape with cookie cutter
6.)  Place on silicon sheet & bake 150C for abt 30 mnts
7.)  Once baked, cool on wire rack.  Store in a tight container


** Recipe from NCC Community

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  mindy wrote @

spekulatius kesukaan gw bener nih jeng. nyontek resepnya yaa.. mumpung masih ada spekoek bubuk.

  elsye wrote @

gue kudu nyari spekuk powder nih, kayaknya gampil ya nyontekkk ya bu…sengkiyuuu

  barefootster wrote @

First trial processing photo in NEF (Nikon RAW format). Not really happy with the end result…. 😦

  Pepy wrote @

Dhi, that is what RAW does, so we can correct as we like 🙂

  Pepy wrote @

Dhi, btw spekuk sama all spice itu beda di campuran kl gak salah. spekuk gak ada kapulaganya.

  barefootster wrote @

Udah lewat process ini Pep, not “as is”. Yang bikin color jump setau gw kalo dari kameranya pake format jpeg, trus diproses lagi di software.

Yang ini pake NEF, trus diproses di LR baru convert ke JPEG. Kalau pake format2 lain selain ini (TIFF, PNG, PSD atau DNG) malah kurang terang, warnanya ga keluar untuk screen & web. Kaya kalo convert ke cmyk. Hmmmm…… mungkin kalo buat printing baru bagus ya?

  barefootster wrote @

Rasanya mirip banget kok sama speculaas yang pernah aku pernah makan di coffee shop di Amsterdam jaman dulu….

  Fitri wrote @

wuaaaaaaaaaah.. inget kue jamdul..

  lisa (dandysugar) wrote @

These look like the perfect tea cookie. I love the simple ingredients, especially the cashews.

  Sophie wrote @

Weat speculaas ib belgium on Sinterklaas day. This is December 6th! I love your version! Thank you!

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