A bit more about me

Still curious about me? Me too…  Sometimes I discover new things about me and didn’t realize they had been there all long. Like my love for graphic design, which was only uncovered a few years ago. If I knew this I would’ve been on a different path all long and probably ended up in graphic design school or something. It’s a great way of self-expression, a form of “art” which is not too serious, but fun and playful. A bit like me  😀

So, nope, I’m not a graphic designer by formal education, just by passion. I have, however, earned my living through it in the past. Photography is also something new that I instantly fall in love with. It’s an art in seeing how an individual perceives the world. I think it’s an amazing form of art. I probably owe it to my first cousin, Hilman, who spent his college years perfecting his techniques in photograhy by taking hundreds and hundreds photos of me. He then become a professional photographer. I hope someday I would be one too.

I have a lot of passions in what I do and what I believe in. It’s probably what takes me to where I am, to be with the one person that I believe in, my beloved husband. I used to be in a corporate world, fast tracked my career by hopping from one big brand company to another bigger brand. Although I tend to fall back into airlines business again and again, probably because of my love of travelling. Everybody seems to be. Who would say no to a free trip to Rome for a day and jump on the next flight to Egypt the next day? All those exotic and romantic places…..   I still miss flying at times.

Then one day I landed in hospitality business. The perfect combination of travel, lifestyle & corporate routines. It was with Amanresorts. Bali. I was lucky enough to oversee all of the five Aman properties in Indonesia. Little that I knew it was the biggest turning point of my life. It was like a spiritual rebirth. I stopped searching for something bigger than life. I’ve found it. I came to realize who I was, met my soul mates (soulmate does not necessarily mean Mr. Right, you know) and finally met my future love of my life, Michael. A couple of years later, we were married there. A simple wedding with only closest friends and families in an amazing boutique resort in Nusa Dua.

Michael and I met over a wine tasting in CP spanish restaurant. I was meeting a guy, JR who was the guest speaker on Art & Wine Weekend that we hosted at Amanjiwo, to finalize a couple of details. We were introduced to each other by JR, then after several other wine tastings & business networkings, we were officially dating.

One holiday in Bali, I called JR to tell him about my plan to pop the question to Michael. I said already had the ring with me. He asked “when…?” – I said “tonight” … there’s a pause at the other end, then he said “I thought he should be the one doing that”. I just laughed. The ring caught him off guarded, it was a pleasant surprise . That night, Michael popped the question to me instead. He wanted to do it properly he said. I was over the moon. Next morning around 6am, a friend texted us – JR just passed away peacefully in his sleep that morning. To JR, I can’t thank you enough. You’re always in our prayers….

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  fitri wrote @

sweet story mak.. but a little sad the end nya.. Rest In Peace buat JR -gue tau JR pasti bangga sama elo skarang di ‘atas’ sana 🙂

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  pixen wrote @

Hah… You and I share the same idea of proposing 😛 I said to myself, why should the guys have to do it, why not the gals for a change. I bet the guys would be head over heels! That’s what I did with my hubby…LOL!

Blessed your friend JR!

  barefootster wrote @

:-)))))) he must’ve been over the moon too, Pix!

  Pepy wrote @

You reminds me of my good friend when I was at the university. Soon after graduating, she even never tries working in our field anymore. She is a graphic designer in Indonesia

  barefootster wrote @

Graphic designer by passion, you mean? *hey, that’s a pretty cool title, eh?*

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