Moving House + free badge

After spending quite a lot of time trying to find web hostings, going through literally hundreds of  web layouts and templates – some cute sexy ones from WordPress, definitely, I’m settled with one that I really liked.  With some tweakings here and there and voila! …..  I managed to recreate a wordpress magazine-style theme with yummy splash of colors that represents beautifully the feelings of Cooking Etcetera.


So come and check out my new home address at   www. You are welcome to leave me some thoughts and  feedbacks about my new home. How’s the color, the layout, navigation wise – is it easy to get around and find things, etc.

Leave your comments there and I will pick two lucky winners to get my free personalized badges (one badge for each).  The badge may be placed on your sidebar – to promote your own blog/website, promote your event/contest, or do whatever you want with it.


  KA wrote @

Great blog! I love seeing new blogs about food and cooking. Some of the recipes here sound very interesting. I can’t wait to try making one of them.

Please check out my recipe blog @ and let me know what you think.

Bon Appetit!

  adriana wrote @

Hallo mbak, salam kenal yach.Ijin linknya saya add,dan link balik yach mbak.
Saya sangat tertarik mengunjungi website mbak karena sangat kreatif.foto2nya bagus sekali.memotivasi saya yang sangat amatir ini semakin ingin banyak belajar.
Saya sangat tertarik dengan badgenya yang sangat bagus.
Terima kash

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