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Noodlemania: Beef Tongue Mushroom Noodle

Hihihihihi, maaf ah postingan pake bahasa Indonesia aja. Gatel juga lama2. Abis rendang, loh kok gw ngidam mie ayam jamur lagi yah? Yang ala GM itu loh, dengan jamur merangnya yang montok-montok, ayam berkuah kecapnya yang gurih dan kuahnya yang bening bertabur irisan tipis daun bawang. Mantaaaaaffff.  Tengah-tengah bikin kaldu ayam, kok terlintas gimana kalo ayam diganti lidah sapi?

Hwaaaaaaa….. kayanya asik banget. Cobain ah. Lidahnya udah direbus empuk kok. Tinggal iris-iris, trus ceburin ke wajan, masak bareng sama si jamur merang. Yummmmiiiiieeeeee. *maaf ya buat tukang masak beneran, kalo resepnya keliatan mengada-ada, heheheh, bawaan orang hamil kaleeeee……*

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Dee-licious Chicken Mushroom Noodle (mie ayam jamur)

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Like most Indonesians, the ones who live overseas in particular, one of the cravings would include “Mie Ayam Jamur GM” – the famous chicken mushroom noodle from a chained chinese-indonesian restaurant. Usually I’d never bother trying to cook this dish because I just know it wouldn’t taste anything like the one from GM. No matter what other food bloggers tell you “It tastes just like Bakmie Gajah Mada” ….. yeah, trust me, that’s the reason GM is so popular, because nobody has their ‘secret recipe’

But at this point, I don’t mind if it tastes almost like a GM noodle or even if it’s slightly off. I was determined to have mie ayam jamur  today. Got all of the ingredients ready – chicken thighs (instead of breast fillets that sometimes tend to go dry during process), straw mushrooms, fresh noodles. Whoa, wait a minute…… Why do chinese food taste so different in china? Do you know this? This so called ‘fresh noodles’ look nothing like the fresh noodle we have back in Indo. I took option no. 2, packaged noodles. Friends of ours from New Zealand who are on job assigned here in Hohhot also told us their kids love chinese food in New Zealand but not in China. They live in a smaller town in the outskirt of Hohhot, so access to western food is almost none. The wife would come over to the city to buy dozens of McDonald’s burgers & bread, then freeze them for stock.

All set and ready.  After a few hours in the kitchen, the famous noodle is ready. Topped with home-made chili made from boiled red chilis, garlic, vinegar, salt & sugar. I’m so proud of myself today  🙂

This is incredible!!!

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Special Chicken Oil – I made this one day in advance:
* 1 or 2 cup of fresh cooking oil
* chicken skin/fat
* 2 pcs crushed garlic
 Heat oil on low heat, mix in chicken skin/fat & garlic
 Leave it cook till the skin curled
 Let cool & keep in fridge till the next day

Chicken & Mushroom Toppings:
* 6 pcs chicken thighs
* 2 cans of straw mushrooms, cut half
* 4 pcs garlic (more if you like)
* 5 cm fresh ginger – crushed/sliced
* drizzles of sesame oil
* 2 tbs regular soy sauce
* 2 tbs sweetened soy sauce
* salt, 1 tbs sugar, pepper & pinch of maggi to taste
* 1 tbs of corn starch to thicken sauce
* sprinkles of chopped spring onions

1.)  Cut chicken into bite size.
2.)  Dump in skin/bones into pan to make chicken broth
3.)  Heat skillet, cook garlic & ginger till fragrant
      Add chicken cuts – cook until almost done
4.)  Add mushrooms, soy sauce, a bit of broth,
      salt, pepper, sugar & spring onions. Cook until tender
5.)  Set aside

Chicken Broth:
*  Heat a pan with a liter of water, add skin & bones
*  Add 3 pcs of crushed garlic
*  Add 2 cm of sliced/crushed freh ginger
*  Salt, pepper, sugar to taste. Sprinkle with chopped spring onions
*  Set aside

Vinegar Chili Condiment:
* 12 pcs of red chilis – boil till soft
*  2 pcs crushed garlic
*  vinegar, sugar & salt to taste
Process them all together and serve fresh

How to serve:
1.) In individual bowl, place cooked noodle, sprinkle with dash of chicken oil on the noodle
2.) Place chicken & mushroom toppings
3.) You may add steamed bok choy or mustard greens on the side
4.) Pour in some chicken broth
5.) Finish with sprinkles of finely chopped spring onions


** Recipe adopted from Mbak Ine Elkaje – million of thanks mbak 😀

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