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SLF Photo Challenge #1: Candy


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Hiya all foodie photo bloggers!  It’s a fresh beginning of  2009, started with a sweet challenge from “Still Life Food” Photography Community with Candy theme.  Although SLF is only been launched for a month, we received many positive feedbacks and interests from the blogging community, mostly from  food photo enthusiasts and the newbies.  It’s exciting to see how many people love photography and would to take some great lengths to learn and master it. SLF is a place to share the knowledge, practice and learn from one another. 

To participate in the photo challenge, you must have an account at Multiply (don’t worry, it’s free).  More information can be found here at  SLF Page.   The challenge is open from Jan 5 – 24, 2009.


Image Hosted by ImageShack.usLove me, lick me!  As featured in Foodgawker


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Roundup Foodie Photo Contest

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Final roundup on FLICKR

It’s been so great to be able to host this foodie photo contest. Credit to my two other fellow foodie bloggers, Fitri and Dwi. Thank you guys! This wouldn’t happened without your support. I feel as I have given a tiny bit of contribution in my own way in joining the spirit of celebration, the Red & White in all of us.

I can’t tell you how proud I have been to see such enthusiasm from all of you who have participated and sent in your entries. Those are amazing photos, I tell you. Beautiful beautiful ones. Thank you so very much. So here goes, graze and drool over the photos  ROUNDUP at FLICKR

In the next few days, we will come up with our final decision on the winners. Please be patient. So do come back and check out this page again in the next few days.

Indonesia Merdeka!

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Foodie Photo Contest – reminder

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Hi guys, two more weeks to send in your photo entry for the contest.
This event is open for all foodie bloggers, passionate food lovers from all nations. 

More information about the event

* photo courtesy of Pudjirahardjo

Foodie Photo Contest – Update

Now, we’re getting to the most interesting part. Door prizes and the guest jury for this event. Since this is a FUN event with capital letters, which  is why I hate to call it a “competition”, we are going to raffle the prizes to four participants showing the most talented, artistic, creative, appealing and drool-worthy photos.
Here’re the prizes:

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* (1)  Mini sewing machine kit for scrapbooking hobby
* (1)  Food Made Fast Desserts cooking book from William Sonoma 
* (1)  Electric Crepemaker
* (3)  cute retro-looking cooking aprons

Guest jury will be Widarto Adi, best in his field as graphic designer and commercial photographer. He won the award for Silver Citra Adi Pariwara in 2006, which is the highest national award for advertising and has long list of happy clients and other inspiring achievements. His portfolios are available at
So guys, give your best shot! This may be your best chance to see the creativity in you. Don’t forget to submit your entry to  by August 15th, 2008.  All entries will be rounded up and winner of door prizes will be released by August 17th, 2008.

More information on how to submit your entry, have a look HERE

Good luck and don’t forget to have fun!
Dhi – FitriDwi


Red & White Foodie Photo Contest

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RED & WHITE – Foodie Photography Contest
(A collaboration of three foodie bloggers Dhi-FitriDwi )

August is closing in now. Most of us are pretty familiar with the warm feelings that August brings. August means mid summer for some…….. vacations to others…. or sitting on a beach watching sunset with a glass of margarita in hand for a few. But do you know that in August, some years ago, a man name Priestly discovered oxygen and Galileo demonstrated his first telescope to the Venetian lawmakers. Also it was the day when Indonesia declared independence from the Dutch Colonial. The day was August 17, 1945.

In the spirit of celebrating the Independence Day, the freedom in every aspect of life hopefully, we would like to see the creative spirit within YOU. If you have a talent in cooking or baking, food styling or food photography, show it to us, flaunt it. Even if you don’t think you have a talent, just send it anyway.
We would like to see it!

The theme is “Red and White” but it may be stretched as far as you can think of. Anything red and white, visual or concept wise, taste wise… anything. Be creative as much as you can. There’re some cool door prizes waiting. Remember, winning isn’t everything, but having fun is. So let’s have fun and let that creativity spilling over.

One participant can only send one entry. Just don’t forget to send in your entry to by August 18, 2008 midnight GMT+7

Ensure that you submit all the details
Name/Nickname :
Blog/Site Name :
Blog/Site URL :
Entry Title :
Entry URL :
Attach image : image of the entry with 350 pixel size or more  in width

Don’t forget to link back to this post, k?  😉

Happy clicking!!

Featured Patrons of Foodie Photo Contest:
* Tartelette – Helen
* My Culina Sanctuarium – Dita
* For The Love of Baking – Riana
* My Hidden Place – Ikaray
* La Vie en Rose – Lita


Come back and check for the next event!


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