Coconut Prawn Fritters


As featured in  Tastespotting

Just a little afternoon snack  (and light dinner) I felt like having yesterday. Although I was actually craving for Singaporean Chili Crab. Yups, just not the right season (and country) for that. The prawns I got from the hotel’s kitchen, are from Dalian, I think. Nice to have a little of seafood again after a while…..


I shouldn’t be posting recipe in details because it’s soooo easy to cook.  Just make sure the prawns are cleaned & deveined, split in the back, marinate shortly in salt, pepper, lemon & garlic, rolled in flour, dipped in lightly whisked white egg, rolled in dessicated coconut.

Deep fried in oil until it turns color to beautiful yellowish. Place on paper towels to soak the remaining oil.
Ready to be devoured with sweet chili sauce dipping…….




  Sefa wrote @

ihhhhhhhhh gue mah tetep butuh resep Dhi 😀

  mindy wrote @

wadah di foto paling atas lutuw.

  malloryelise wrote @

hiii–that first photo you have there, the one you have at tastespotting, is absolutely brilliant. so clear. you’re a great photographer–those candy photos are beautiful.

  Pepy wrote @

Gilingan itu udang nantang banget yaksss

  Joie de vivre wrote @

Thanks for accepting my friend request on Foodbuzz! I can’t wait to read future posts. Congratulations on your upcoming little miracle!

  Cynthia wrote @

You are an absolute temptress!

  Rurie wrote @

OMG menggoda nian……..sini satu piring yak 🙂 potonya keren dah…….lightingnya mak ga tahan……

  barefootster wrote @

Thank you so much all 😀

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