SLF Photo Challenge #1: Candy


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Hiya all foodie photo bloggers!  It’s a fresh beginning of  2009, started with a sweet challenge from “Still Life Food” Photography Community with Candy theme.  Although SLF is only been launched for a month, we received many positive feedbacks and interests from the blogging community, mostly from  food photo enthusiasts and the newbies.  It’s exciting to see how many people love photography and would to take some great lengths to learn and master it. SLF is a place to share the knowledge, practice and learn from one another. 

To participate in the photo challenge, you must have an account at Multiply (don’t worry, it’s free).  More information can be found here at  SLF Page.   The challenge is open from Jan 5 – 24, 2009.


Image Hosted by ImageShack.usLove me, lick me!  As featured in Foodgawker


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  Ayin wrote @

waduh candynya cantek-2 mbakyu 🙂 yg gede itu gimana makannya hehe…

  Sefa wrote @

memang deh dirimu admin teladannnnnnn..
komen gue mah tetep, fotonya cantik-cantik 😉

  Olga wrote @

omg, these are so gorgeous! and I don’t even like jelly beans 🙂
Great colors!

  barefootster wrote @

Tengkiu Yin, Sef and Olga 😀

  amel wrote @

keren say foto yang candy pecah itu ..mudah – mudahan gue bisa ikutan nih .. sampe sekarang belum ada ide …

  Carolyn Jung wrote @

I like the broken lollipop pic. It’s more unexpected. Almost like modern art.

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