Still Life Food Photography is launched today!

In order to accommodate with an ever growing enthusiasts of a recent trend in photo blogging, still life food in particular, a group of friends who share the same passion in  food photography decided to form an online community. SLF Photography community is mainly formed for the group to learn together, share tips & techniques of still life photography, cameras or softwares to use and many other cool things. It’s a group dedicated for the members and contributed by the members.  Everyone knows that the most important thing in learning photography is to keep practising. So in order to motivate members to keep on learning, SLF will hold monthly photo challenge with different theme each time, followed by forum discussion where all members can participate and share their images.


So come and visit our site! Membership is free of charge.

Image Hosted by


On the same breath, I also would like to thank you my fellow bloggers who have been kindly enough to award me with “The Most…. of Something” . To be honest, I am not very good at receiving awards. Yes it’s nice when your friends thought of you. But some awards (not all of them) come with several ‘strict’ requirements from their  ‘badge creator’ to be passed on to 100  other bloggers, or something ridiculous….  honestly, that sounds like a chain-email to me.  Ugh, I hate chain-emails!  But hey, it’s the thought that counts, right?


So here we go, I pass on these awards to all of you, please feel free to grab and paste onto your blog.

Image Hosted by

Brilliant Blog Award from Janet Ching – thanks Janet!

Image Hosted by
Butterfly Award – Coolest Blog from Sefa – waduh, makasih ya Sef! 😀

Cutest Blog Award from Widya – makasih juga ya Wid!

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  Sefa wrote @

your welcome say..

btw, aku mau dong dikasih badge yg Indonesian blogger gambar wayang merah merona itu…
makasih Dit

  Cynthia wrote @

I want to join but I get fearful that with all my other commitments I may not be able to meet the deadlines 😦

  barefootster wrote @

Hi Cynth, it’s once in a month event… plus they would give the enough time for members to prepare.

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