Grilled Fish ala Jimbaran Bali

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One of our favorite dish that we always have whenever we visit Bali. It’s probably the combination of beautiful ambience overlooking a beautiful beach stretched far into the horizon, toes burried in the white sand, fresh coconut juice off the shells and everything else that makes the grilled fish in this Jimbaran Beach  taste beautifully sweet and succulent.

The recipe is modified from Business Bali online. A pretty good recipe, although we can tell there’s a subtle flavour that’s missing. Probably those coconut shell charcoal grill taste. Very possible. I subs red snapper with grouper fish, which is more common here.  *in case you forget, we live in a middle of a grassland  😛 *


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(Grilled Fish ala Jimbaran Bali)

*  3 tbs toasted coriander seeds
*  1 tsp tamarind paste
*  5 cloves of garlic
*  5 pcs shallots
*  3 pcs red chillies peper
*  5 pcs candlenuts
*  3 cm fresh galangal
*  salt, pepper, bit of sugar
~ mix all this ingredients into a smooth paste

For gilling sauce:
*  4 tbs sweet soy sauce
*  2 tbs cooking oil
*  2 tbs melted butter

Cooking Directions:
1.) Stir fry the smooth paste until fragrant and cooked enough.
     Add 75 ml of water. Marinate the fish in this sauce.
     Leave for a couple of hours or overnight
2.) Prepare hot grill, cook the fish while brushing it
     with the grilling sauce.
3.) Serve with warm steamed rice.


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  mindy wrote @

kayana gampang ya jeng. pake fillet bisa juga pastinya kan? abis gw jarang banget beli ikan utuh, ngeri masaknya :d

  Rurie wrote @

Aku juga udah pernah buat Dhi 🙂 enak….. ga buat sambel matahnya sekalian nih??? 😉

  barefootster wrote @

pake fillet bisa laaaahhh…. kesannya ga barbaric gitu secara si ikan suka mangap ga karuan pas dimasak. Ngeri aja makannya ya. Hehhehe :-))))

Sambel matah musti punya rawit & minyak kacang yah… kalo di subs suka ga pas rasanya…. rawit di grassland nyari dimana yahhh? 😉

  eliza wrote @

enak bisa makan ikan bakar pedes (pedes ato gak ya? :)) aku gak bisa bikin masakan pedes, si kecil kagak tahan pedes!

  barefootster wrote @

yang ini ga terlalu pedes Liz, bisa merah aku pakein paprika powder sdikit

  dian wrote @

udah nyobain!mantap….makannya diAus rasanya diIndo.mantap buuuuu,,,,uenak bangettttt!!!! ada kenikmatan tersendiri.hihihi….

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