Peking Cabbage Pillows

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I’m such a cabbage fan. I love it in my stir fries, stuffed, rolled, souped, ‘tongseng’ or simply served as fresh sundanese salad or ‘lalap’ dipped in fresh ground chilis. But you know what’s the best cabbage dish is? stuffed shumay with drizzles of spicy peanut sauce….  That, would take me back home instantly. Such effects food can do to people.

I was quite intrigued to experiment with Martin Yan’s version of stuffed cabbage though. After a three hour session of cooking class he hosted in Shenzhen last week, we were sent home smiling carrying two bulky cooking books he gave us. One of the recipe in his book is “Peking Cabbage Pillows” – another version of stuffed cabbage using tofu, carrots and ginger.

Although, instead of using vinegar chili dipping (chinese style) I use Indonesian spicy peanut sauce.

Verdict: Tofu can be a great subs instead of fish meat that is commonly used. It’s lighter and always works wonders when dipped in Indonesian peanut sauce.  *just a little note: Indonesian peanut sauce is less sweet and has more kicks than the Malaysian/Singaporean satay sauce.

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Recipe by Chef Martin Yan

*  2 shiitake mushrooms, thinly sliced
*  1 large napa cabbage (green cabbage)
(at least 6-7 cabbage leaves for wrapping)
*  1/4 cup chopped carrots
*  3 cloves minced garlic
*  1 cup minced chicken/prawns (skip for vegetarian)
*  2 tbs oyster sauce
*  2 tsp rice wine or dry sherry
*  1 tsp sesame oil
*  1 tsp minced ginger
*  1 tsp chopped cilantro

Yummy Peanut Sauce:
** For sauce recipe, click here

1.)  Parboil cabbage in boiling water for 2-3 mnts
Drain & rinse. Shave thick ribs at stem ends
2.)  Mash tofu in a bowl, squeeze to extract moist
3.)  Cook garlic till fragrant, add minced chicken
4.)  Add mushrooms & garlic
5.)  Add oyster sauce, sesame oil, rice wine, carrot
6.)  Set aside, mix in mashed tofu. Add cilantro
7.)  Place 2 tbs of cooked tofu on cabbage leave
Roll the leave, tucked both sides in
8.)  Place ‘pillows’ in a steamer. Steam high for 10 mtns
Serve with dippings

Recipe from “Culinary Journey Through China” by Martin Yan

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  Sefa wrote @

pengen juga sih bikinnya… tapi disini kolnya gedeeeeeee aja, jadi biasanya abis itu bingung mau dibikin apaan 😀

  mindy wrote @

waktu itu gw bikin Summer Roulade, mirip penampakannya kaya resep dirimu jeng.

  barefootster wrote @

Sefa: wih, kudu bikin 2 macem menu dong yah….

Min: tofu juga? anything stuffed gw doyan banget. Palagi tahu pake saus kacang…. yuuummmm. Eh Min, gw kirim badge code via email yah 😀

  Ayin wrote @

nappa itu chinese cabbage aka sawi putih bukan ?.. tak kirain itu tadi siomay hehe

  barefootster wrote @

Ayin, benul bu! sbetulnya napa cabbage a.k.a sawi putih… tapi disini kok ‘sawi putih’ malah hijau tua warnanya & gedes banget. Gw pake kol yang lbh mungil ukurannya 😀

  ibu wrote @

Kak dapet jeruk limo dari mana?

  Sefa wrote @

Dhi… selamat say, dirimu menang di DMBLGIT

  dwiana wrote @

mak Dhit, congrat menang di dmblgit!!!

  barefootster wrote @

Bu, ini kan jeruk limo yang ibu bekelin waktu aku pulang ke Jakarta… inget? Simpen di freezer, bisa berbulan2 tahan. Kalo mau pake, rendem air panas sebentar trus dibiarin sampe esnya leleh. Baunya tetep sama bu… 😀 yang udah mau abis stock daun jeruk nih. Susah nyarinya

Sefa: doooohh, ga pede, itu foto ga asik banget. Di istockphoto di-reject loh padahal…. thanks yah 😛

Mak Dwi: congrats juga mak, elo juga menang disitu kan yah… seeeep, penuh dah sidebar loe … waaakakakakak!

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