Thank you Foodbuzz!

Back in the city again after a week trip to another civilized world out there. It was so nice to be out again. Love the fact that I still feel okay to travel around, although walking can be quite exhausting for me and sitting too long in a plane can be quite hazardous to husband…. hehehe, I get so moody when uncomfortable.

Now am just settling back into the routine again, trying new recipes, blog hopping, emails and catching up on my movies. Sitting down in certain positions has become quite uncomfortable, plus those extra ‘kicks’ which are still barely a kick but more like someone moves a stirrer in my lower abs. Ouch!

An unexpected package arrived today. From Foodbuzz. They’re sending me the contract agreement for Featured Publisher – plus a box of my own name card. Yay!!! Thank you Foodbuzz. I love the cards. Soooo cute, bearing my blog address with great food photos on the back.

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by …. aaand my brand new macro Nikkor lens from HK trip

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  mindy wrote @

I want that lens! :d

  pixen wrote @

ahhh… Nikonian! I have a gang of Nikonians too but at this moment I’m using hubby’s Canon EOS 300D. ANother friend who’s currently put up with us is a crazy Nikonians… he can set up a Nikon showroom with all the gadgets he got!

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