Tasty Sicilian Eggplant Pasta

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I’ve kept this recipe for quite a while, waiting to have the right ingredients and the right mood to cook it. Just by reading the description line by line, I already know this one is going to be an unbelievably gorgeous pasta. Check the recipe HERE.

Strange how a woman’s tastebuds can change drastically while she’s pregnant. I’m more of a curry person – or anything with strong asian flavours food. Not so much of a pasta person. It’s so easy to cook them but I won’t enjoy it as much as other asian food. But lately, anything Italian sounds sooo good….  either the hormone or the baby’s talking. This is probably the first time I cook pasta and actually enjoy it to the last bite. *Ha, you should see Michael, still in his suit and tie, sneaked back into the kitchen to get the second helping*

The recipe is based on an original Sicilian eggplant pasta, signature dish of La Trattoria, a well known South Italian restaurant in Geneve. The secret is all the fresh ingredients – and that garlic oil. Original recipe uses minced meat, Italian sausage and mozzarella cheese. We’re trying to cut down those fatty intake and just stick to the fresh vegetables. You know what, we still end up with a really yummy pasta.

(recipe for lunch, enough for 2 pax)

* Italian pasta: penne or maccaroni
* 1 large eggplants, skinned, diced/cut finger size
* 1 bellpepper (oven or pan roasted)
* sundried tomatoes
* 5-8 garlic cloves, crushed
* 200 gr canned tomato pasta/fresh tomatoes
* fresh basil
* olive oil
* 1 pc large onion, diced

Cooking directions:
1.) Stir fry crushed garlic in olive oil until turning light yellow
     Don’t let it overcook & get burned. Set aside
2.) Cook eggplant in drizzles of garlic oil. Keep tossing
     till the moist is gone & turn to nice brownish color.
3.) Boil the pasta until soft enough, do not overcook
     Drain, sprinkle with garlic oil, set aside
4.) Cook onions until they tender & become transparent
5.) Add crushed tomatoes/canned tomato pasta + a cup of water
     Let it simmer for 15 mnts then add chopped fresh basil
6.) Roast bellpeppers until the skin blister. Peel & remove seeds
     Cut into finger size. Mix into tomato sauce
7.) Mix in cooked eggplants, add chopped sundried tomatoes,
     the lightly fried garlic and chopped basil
8.) Serve with drizzles of garlic oil

Verdict:  guarantee of the second helping. There won’t be any leftovers. Trust me  😀


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  Sefa wrote @

foto yg atas cakep banget Dhi… gue juga lagi suka pake BG item 😉
belum gue pasang diblogspot sih, baru taruh di MP sama Flickr

  barefootster wrote @

gw lagi mati gaya sama background, udah waktunya berburu property lagi neh kayanya… 😀 ikut yuk Fa?

  Fearless Kitchen wrote @

This looks great. It’s a very traditional dish that always satisfies.

  Susan wrote @

Great photos for a lovely, classic Mediterranean dish!

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