Potato Carrot Casserole

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This was made as a side dish to roast pork dinner with friends on Sunday. Our friend Linda, came with her two boys and husband for a weekend away. On a dinner last week, her husband Stu mentioned about her absolutely gorgeous roast pork. Ha! Now she had to bring one over. An old friend of ours, who plays golf with Mike was also invited. 

Sunday Dinner’s Menu:
* Roast Pork ala Linda – crisp to the skin but succulent on the inside
* Potato Carrot Casserole (thanks to Wienda for the recipe)
* Baked Kumara with cream cheese
* Steamed Broccoli
* and something on the side “Bakwan Goreng dengan saus kacang”
  (Indonesian vegetable fritters doused in lime peanut sauce)

Sometimes I forgot that I can’t push myself like before. At the end of that night, I was completely exhausted. Phew! It was a good evening, though.

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  fitri wrote @

Gue paling suka one pot dish keq gini nih mak.. gampang, lengkap, kenyang…

  Daniel wrote @

Potato is just great for casseroles

  barefootster wrote @

Bener mak, biasanya masak ginian aja buat laki gw kalo pas gw lagi masak Indonesian ‘stinky food’ – ikan peda, cumi asin, pare, dsb…. 😀

Daniel: great in fried dishes as well – potato fritters are my fave

  wiendacontat wrote @

dhit makasih udah nyoba resepnya .. spt biasa dhi fotonya cantiik
kapan dhi melahirkan? semoga semua nya berjalan lancar

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