Brownie Cupcakes ala Bakerzin

It’s the best dessert recipe book I’ve had in my book rack. Several recipes I’ve tried from this book are absolutely delicious. The book is written by Daniel Tay, founder of Bakerzin – the cafe where I used to drool over rows of cute display of scrumptious desserts on the counter everytime I go to Singapore. Now I can bake them in my very own kitchen…. cream cheese pound cake, shortcakes, muffins, brownie…

Brownie has become our favorite dessert, as it’s quite easy to make and have a longer fridge life. Beautiful if served with vanilla ice cream – or topped with warm chocolate melt. This particular one tastes just puuuurrrfect! Not too hard like the last recipe I tried from and not too cakey.

The full recipe is enough to feed the entire troop, but I don’t mind at all as we’ll finish the whole thing in one week. Out of this recipe I filled out 2 shallow brownie pans + 17 pcs muffin pan.

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*  325 gr all purpose flour
*  5 gr baking powder
*  150 gr cocoa powder (I use Droste & Van Houten)
*  225 gr cream cheese
*  860 gr sugar (a bit too sweet for me, I use 660 gr only)
*  1/2 tsp vanilla essence
*  10 gr salt
*  450 gr unsalted butter (softened)
*  400 gr eggs
*  300 gr walnuts/cashews/almonds
*  butter for greasing

Cooking Direction:
1.)  Preheat oven 180C or 350F
2.)  Sift flour, baking powder, cocoa powder into a bowl
3.)  Separately mix sugar & butter till fluffy, then add
      vanilla essence, salt & cream cheese till well blended
4.)  Fold eggs into cream cheese mixture, then gradually
      fold in flour mixture. Add walnuts/cashews/almonds
5.)  Lightly grease the pan you’re going to use
      Level the batter and bake for 20-25 mnts
      (for shallow square pan I use baking sheets)
6.)  Unmould & cool brownie. Top with warm chocolate melt

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** Recipe Source: Just Desserts by Daniel Tay

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  vania wrote @

Mbak, hebad banget…hamil2 rajin di dapur yah.
Eh aku naksir tuh brownies, juga bukunya (covernya bagus yak). Moga2 kapan2 bisa nemu buku resepnya…
Take care.

  barefootster wrote @

Thanks Van…. 😀 lagi kepingin banget brownie

  Happy Cook wrote @

This looks so delicious

  Jessie wrote @

Wow, these look amazing!

  Erin wrote @

I love brownies. My sister bought me the same recipe book. Would try to bake this one soon 😀

  foni wrote @

waw… menggoda banget.
itu kira2 brp telur ya 400 gr?
bunganya,fondant apa beli jadi dhit..

  mysweetestday wrote @

they look so yummy! i love the little flowers on top.

  barefootster wrote @

Foni – 400 gram telur tergantung ukurannya ya, di tempatku Hohhot sini kecil-kecil banget jadi bisa sampe 7 butir. Oh bunga dari Titan tuuuuhh….. hihihihihi 😀 thanks ya dah mampir.

Mysweetestday: thanks for stopping by. Flowers are edible too

  My Sweet & Saucy wrote @

Those are too cute!

  Jen wrote @

They look adorable and delicious! Thanks for the scoop 🙂

[…] Dhita from Cooking Etcetera made a brilliant move-she made a brownie recipe into a cake one, specifically a cupcake one! I know I said full sized cakes only but I just can’t knock back someone that has baked something for the event, and how good does it look? […]

  Y wrote @

Great little cakes! I’ve never heard of that book before. Will have to check it out 🙂

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