Spekkoek, A Thousand Layers Spice Cake


Do not be fooled by the look of it, Indonesians would know that it’s a delicacy to die for. Not so easy to make as each of those thin layer takes only about 5-7 minutes to bake to get that nice creamy yellow look, then it will quickly burn before you know it. It’s a skill that needs times and times of practice to bake this to perfection. Yeah, it’s so yummy that makes it all worthwhile.

Getting that nice creamy yellow look takes good quality of egg yolks, margarine and a huge amount of patience sitting in front of the oven while it bakes. Where I am now, it’s not so easy to get those combination to work in my favours….   I have to work with this little oven called “smokey”. Yeah, I’m still working on it. But hey, that didn’t stop me from baking this delicacy.  Quite proud of myself actually, it’s my first try.

The recipe is adopted from several different sources, as the original one requires about 30 egg yolks. I made some adjustments of my own.

SPEKKOEK – Lapis Legit Cake

*  300 gr butter
*  200 gr margarine
*  350 gr caster sugar
*  2 tbs condensed milk
*  175 gr flour
*  1 sachet vanilla crystal (abt 2 gr)
*  19 egg yolks
*  1 egg whole
*  1/2 cup raisins & sultana (I love them!)
*  2 tbs spekkoek spice
   (DIY: ground cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, cardamom)

Cooking Directions:
1.) In a bowl, beat butter & margarine
2.) In separate bowl, beat sugar, whole egg, vanilla until fluffy.
     Mix in egg yolks one at a time, keep beating.
3.) Whisk in butter-margarine mixture, add flour, spekkoek spice
     Be careful not to overwhisk
4.) Prepare the pan, lined with butter & baking parchment. 
5.) Preheat oven 180C.
6.) For the first layer of cake, set oven with top & bottom heat.
     Spread 3-4 tbs of mixture onto the pan. Sprinkle with raisins
     Bake until light brown
7.) Take out the cake pan, press the cake with spekkoek
     depressor/spoon. Repeat step 6 until finish. 
     For the next layers, set oven on top heat only
8.) Final step, for last layer, switch oven to bottom heat.
     Cover top of the cake with foil, then bake for about 7-10 mnts
     or until the cake is baked evenly.

Recipe Source: Primarasa, Fitri’s Rumah Manis & Lapis Legit Tips

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  Sefa wrote @

*membungkuk hormat* hebaaatttttttttt…. gue mah pas deh Dhi kalo disuruh bikin lapis legit, beli aja 😀

  Janet Ching wrote @

Hi there, this looks very tasty but challenging to make, well done!

  Janet Ching wrote @

Hi Dhita, I have pass on an award to you, check out in my blog. Have a nice weekend!

  Sophie wrote @

What an impressive recipe!

  hui wrote @

Wow, sounds very tempting! Great expert tips on the bottom & top heat setting advice. However, there is only 1 heat setting (bottom only) on my oven. Can i still use your recipe & following your method to make the spekkoek? Looking forward to ur respond. Thank u…

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