“Martabak” – meat pancake asian style

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Martabak or murtabak is a popular street food which is probably originated from the arab culture – which is also popular in Saudi Arabia, India, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia & Brunei.  Although I swear I’ve seen a different variety of “martabak” sold on the street corners in China.  The chinese version of martabak is using solely chopped spring onions as fillings, slightly smaller in size, using soft pancake instead of crispy outer layers.

So martabak is more like a late afternoon/evening snacks. Mind you, we Indonesians, love snacking so much that there’re so many varities of snack food for different times of day. If you’re lucky enough to see the martabak seller “in action” when he’s carefully stretching a lump of dough into a huge thin skin to cover the entire wok. I always love a good show before my meal anyway 😀

While the dough is frying in oil, he will whip up the fillings – eggs, cooked minced meat/lamb, chopped leeks/spring onions, pinch of this and that. He will then spread the fillings into the dough, fold the dough into a square, flip it. Before you know it, you have a plate of warm martabak cut into bite size squares with divinely crispy layers.

A few weeks ago, David mentioned about his new discovering of this “absolutely yummy” mongolian pancake. When he described it in detail, I thought it sounds so familiar with Indonesian martabak. Hey, maybe I should try making one, didn’t look too difficult….

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Verdict:  this is such a hard work! least for me. The dough can’t be stretched thin enough, although the pancake turned out to be quite crispy. I don’t think I’d want to make it too often.  Pls excuse the photo too, tough to get the perfect angle….  I hate it!

** Recipe source: Sexy Chef – makasih mbak Rieke!

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  Teresa wrote @

Dhita, congratulations on the Finest Foodies Friday Award. This is the first time I log on your blog and it is quite beautiful. You have a great for photography and your recipes are very tasty.

  ah Teo wrote @

woah…this looks good! is it difficult to make the dough? Mmmm…me feel hungry….

  tina hassan wrote @

Wah aku keduluan kak, udah 3 hari ngidam martabak, tadi baru dapat kulit lumpia, sore ini pulang kesorean, si martabak baru mau dibikin besok, ternyata dia bikin duluan, ngiler nih buat buka puasa.

  amel wrote @

manteb banget nih martabaknya .. jadi pengen bikin juga buat buka puasa nanti …

  Nicole wrote @

This looks really good. My husband would love this.

  Fitri wrote @

maaak.. nape sih maak.. gue jadi merana begini liat martabak lu..halaaah..kebayang sambil ng’gigit cabe.. oloooh..

  Tom Aarons wrote @

They are hard work aren’t they – I usually decide to leave them to the professionals! Love your presentation and photos. This looks so good! 🙂

  barefootster wrote @

Tom: yeah, agree with you, all those hard work really not worth it. Taste good but I still prefer the original one from the street 😀

Mak Fitri: yoooo… loe liat deh punyanya mak Rieke, seksi banget acar & rawitnya sampe mentol2 gitu

Thanks Nic!

Si iboe: yoloooo ibuuuu, ternyata dia yang ngidam, nyampe di aku. Hahahahah…. ngapain bikiiinn? weh, beli sana ke tukang martabak di depan rumah

Ah Teo: hardest part for me is the dough. Just give it a try though. Next time maybe I’ll try with rice paper skin instead, it’s easier….

Teresa: thank you 😀

  janetching wrote @

This looks yummy, would love to try.

  Maxie wrote @

I would like to get the recipe of martabak dough.

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