Nasi Pepes Ayam Jamur

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That’s the Indonesian name for steam fragrant yellow rice with chicken and mushroom wrapped in banana leaf. Definitely a mouthful title 😀  It’s a beautiful dish though. The rice is pre-cooked in grated fresh turmeric, coconut milk and thin slices of kaffir lime leaves that makes the steam wafting in the air smelling of fresh turmeric and lime leaves. More fragrant spices e.g. lemon grass, purple basil & coriander leaves are added, wrapped in banana leaf and then double cook the rice in a steamer. Resulting in amazing  combination of fragrances. Just beauuuutiful….!

Mike and David had them for dinner last night. One nice comment from him  “If I close my eyes when I eat this, I swear I’m in a different country” . Not too bad 😀


* 2 cups of rice
* 3-4 cups of coconut milk (I use powdered Kara)
* fresh turmeric 2 cm, grated
* 8 pcs kaffir lime leaves – thinly sliced
* banana leaf for wrapping – (I use alum. foil)
* 4 stalks of lemon grass, bruised
* 6 pcs bay leaves
* boneless chicken thighs – cut bite size
* boiled eggs (optional)
* coriander leaves
* purple basil leaves
* straw mushrooms

Ingredients 2:
* 10 pcs shallots
* 7 pcs garlic
* 7 pcs candle nuts
* 2 cm fresh ginger, bruised
* 2 cm fresh turmeric, bruised
* 1 large tomato, chopped
(grind “ingredients 2” into a smooth paste)

Cooking Directions:
1.) Cook the rice in a rice cooker in coconut milk, grated turmeric
salt and sliced lime leaves. Let it cook through
2.) In the mean time, stir fry paste ingredients until fragrant
3.) Add chicken, mushrooms, stir well, add lemon grass, bay leaves
4.) Add salt, pepper & sugar to taste. Cook chicken till tender
set aside
5.) Prepare steamer. Cut banana leaves, on a bed of rice, place
chicken & mushroom, purple basil, chopped tomato. then
topped with another layer of rice. Sprinkle with coriander leaves
6.) Fold banana leave and make it into a tight pocket.
Secure with string or tooth picks
7.) Arrange inside steamer and steam for about 1 hour or so

** Recipe from Mbak Ine Elkaje – thank you mbak  😀

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  fitri wrote @

gileeeeeeeeeeeee.. per..lapeeer..gue ngliat foto lo..secara siang loh mak..gue buka ini site.. *hik..siang2 bukan buka Qur’an hihihi.. malah buka resep

  Sefa wrote @

rajinnya dirimu Dhi 🙂
ini sptnya balas dendam atas postingan bakso gue ya Dhi, hihihihi

  barefootster wrote @

Maap, maap, bukan salah gw lo ya, elo siang2 buka … hihihihi 😀 ini buat bekel piknik tadi pagi mak.

Hahahha…. ga bales dendam Fa, bakso lo bikin laper tau, gw buka malem2 pulang dari piknik, cape & males masak lagi…

  pixen wrote @

ahhhh… give this to me anytime! I’m big fan of tumeric and saffron! If only we can taste it without cooking like in cartoon The Jeffersons…gosh… only press Print… the food would ‘come out’ from our PC ya? 😀

  ine sena wrote @

aduh maaak….. maknyuuusss udah kebayang… jd kepengen bikin. assiiiik… tqu yaa…

  elsye wrote @

dhiiii…..bikin gue pengen buka puasa neh :P, kayaknya pengen coba juga deh…sengkkiyuuuuuu

  Ayin wrote @

allow mbak.. kesasar disini wkt browsing pepes nasi 😀 kliatan wenak tenan.. aku lg mo manfaatin daun pisangku 🙂

  Sophie wrote @

Yes, this is a very beautiful dish! I can’t imagine not savoring every bite :). I would love to feature this recipe on our Demy, the first and only digital recipe reader. Please email if you’re interested. Thanks!

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