Tea Time Donuts – ala JCO

* as featured in Tastespotting *

Long long time ago, I’ve tried making donuts and been getting inconsistent results. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it’d be a complete disaster to a point that I cringed even on hearing the word ‘donuts’. It was my final decision, never to make donuts ever again. Ha! Until yesterday I was still convinced that baking donuts would be a complete waste of time.

Then I read Dita’s donut posting, followed by other foodie bloggers who’ve tried NCC’s donut recipe. Hmmm, this sounds like a fail-proof recipe. Maybe I should give it a try. Even without shortenings, my donuts were puffed up nicely with evenly light yellow color. Ooooohhh, this is soooo cool. So there I was, nicely cuddled up among fuzzy cushions in the sofa, watching the storm brewing in the evening sky outside, then droplets of rain spattering on the living room window. Warm donuts and a hot cup of tea in my hand. Yummmmm……

* 850 gr flour or japanese ‘Komachi’ flour
* 30 gr instant yeast
* 10 gr gsalt
* 600 ml water

* 200 gr flour or japanese ‘Komachi’ flour
* 10 gr salt
* 60 gr milk powder (I use milk flavoring)
* 125 gr sugar
* 100 gr eggs
* 125 gr shortening (I use butter)

Cooking Direction:
1.) Mix dough 1 until smooth with a mixer, cover & rest for 90 mnts
2.) Mix dough 2 until smooth. Knead dough 1 & 2 together    
     until smooth for 10 mnts. Cover and rest for 15 mnts
3.) With a roller pin, roll the dough abt 1 cm thick. Rest for 10 mnts
4.) Cut with donut cutter, remove the hole bit.
     Move to a tray with baking sheet & rest for another 10 mnts
5.) Deep fry in low heat until it turns light golden yellow.
6.) Cool on cooling rack, decorate with toppings.

** Recipe source NCC

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  Megan wrote @

I bet that was wonderful eating your warm donuts as the rain came down. I sure wish that is what I was doing, but unfortunately I am sitting in a car service department waiting on my car.

  fitri wrote @

Ditaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.. jei.. baking mulu yaaa.. doooh.. itu donut menul2.. mak.. cakep.. jadi resep yang paling jitu yang mana ? atas ato bawah.. dooh..sumpee lu..ngileer..

  fitri wrote @

yoloo..salah baca qiqiqiiq.. , ga di baca cara bikin nya .. dasaaar..

  tina hassan wrote @

Kak, dapet komachi dari mana?. Hebat euy kaka, donat biru nya lucu

  barefootster wrote @

@ si iboe: minta diracikin tepung sama David, dia kan banyak tuh segala tepung2an di gudangnya. Beli sendiri di supermarket ga bisa, ga ngerti huruf2 kritingnya… hihihihi 😀

@ Fitri: yoi maaaaakkk….. gue kan inget lo juga pernah sukses bikin donut ya, tp resepnya yg mana gw ga nemu lagi. Akhirnya pake resep NCC

@ Meg : hope you car’s fixed today Meg 😉

  Tom Aarons wrote @

Candy that’s also eye candy! Yum! 🙂

  Kate wrote @

Ooh, yeast doughnuts… yum.

  PaniniKathy wrote @

So pretty with the colorful sprinkles!! The perfect comfort during a storm…or any other time 🙂

  sarah wrote @

the most beautiful doughnuts i’ve ever seen (though really, isn’t ANY piece of sugared fried dough beautiful?! ; ) )

  barefootster wrote @

@ Sarah: yups, totally agree with you 😀

@ Kathy, Tom & Kate: thank you 🙂

  Ivy wrote @

Hi, I am coming from the Leftover Queen to say Hi. Your doughnuts look lovely.

  tuti wrote @

hmmmm…look yummy..and beauty..
hi..i’m in germany,i made doghnuts twice,and failed last year..but tomorrow i plan to try it from your recipe..thx..hope it’ll be succeess..

  Abby wrote @

copy resep donatnya ya Dhit..

  Elizabeth wrote @

Beautiful donuts!! I would love to try them. Do you happen to have this recipe coverted with US measures?

  elisya wrote @

ngintip resepx yaa Dhiet… Sumpah….blue donutsx bikin Qu ga tahaaaan…. uuy…. soale aq pencinta biru sich.. pass ngeliat donutsx warna biru, aduhhhhhhhhh yummmy………..!!!! rasa mau ta jadi’in bantal hehehe….

  angie wrote @

how d ya do the frosting mate?
it looks delicious. 😀 yummm

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