What’s for breakfast?

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A basket of breakfast pastry

Do you skip breakfast in the morning?  Back then in the old days, I used to skip breakfast all the time. Sometimes just a cup of hot tea before jumping into the taxi rushing to the office. Although I never missed a day of coffee break in the office around 10am where we would sneaked out to the nearest Au Bon Pain. Best coffee and cinnamon rolls! I fell in love with the idea of breakfast ritual. Kinda makes you feel warm inside and get you ready to face the world outside.

Nothing fancy, sometimes just a cup of coffee with a spread of sweet jam on a slice of warm toast. Or the Kiwi way, cup of english breakfast tea with spread of vegemite and butter on a slice of vogel bread. Half boiled eggs are always a favorite. And warm toast… whoaaa my gosh how I love warm toast. With a cup of strong coffee with a layer of thick silky foam on top, please. I’ll give anything for that 😀

At mom’s home, is practically a breakfast heaven. All kinds of food that I will never get to make by myself, at least for now (I don’t seem to have the energy anymore to cook up something like that) – nasi uduk, nasi goreng with a slightly runny sunny side up, bubur ayam, ketupat sayur, kupat tahu…  you have no idea what you’re missing if you don’t know them.

I’m not really into bird food, you know all those seeds, grains and dried stuff. Sorry, yeah, I know it’s healthy . But I swear I can’t swallow those unless I have a beak.

What do you guys have for breakfast?



  VIV wrote @

hahaa.. Dhi, I miss ketupat sayur so much for b’fast!!!! I used to hv big bfast on the weekend, couple of blueberries pancakes, sausage, eggs plus glass of orange juice.. but later I found out they hv approx 2000 calories hahaaaa… so I stop doing that, cut everything but a pancake. hubby doesn’t care abt calories though, so he eat the rest of the food :p

  barefootster wrote @

Gue mah yang penting ada strong coffee dengan foamnya yang tebeeelll di permukaan.

Doh Viiii… jangan ngomongin ketupat sayur. Hahahah, ngiler ga kesampean 😀 gw nyoba bikin sayurnya kok rasanya ga semirip bikinan abang2 tukang ketupat sayur deket rumah ya? lontongnya pun ga ga bisa bikin tuh 😦

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