Red-White Photo Contest Winners 2008

Merdeka! A salutation you’ll hear more than enough during the celebration of Independence Day.  It’s an expression of  delight & pride to be an Indonesian. Finally, the long-awaited result of Foodie Photo Contest is out! yaaaaaayyyy……

We are soooo impressed by all of your submissions. Gorgeous food shots with an even more interesting story behind the shots, were pouring into our mailbox.  For those of you who missed the roundup,  have a look here

There’s also a group of people who’s been supporting us throughout this event. They’re our Featured Patrons who made a crucial contribution by spreading the word to a larger crowd. Tartelette, Culina Sanctuarium, For the Love of Baking, My Hidden Place, La Vie en Rose.  Great job, guys! There’s a special badge for you that will be sent individually by email…..   😀

We’d like to thank the guest jury Mas Dar  who had been kind to spare a few minutes of his busy time and is currently juggling four other clients.  A little bit about Mas Dar, a guy who has a solid portfolio as a commercial photographer. His multi-talents has brought him clients from various major brands in Indonesia.  Okay, here’re the winners:

FIRST WINNER is  “Made with Love” 
by Sheila Let’s Mess Up the Kitchen
Image Hosted by

SECOND WINNER is “Simple Red & White Menu”
by Vania from Our Family’s Favorite Recipe
Image Hosted by

THIRD WINNER is “Red & White Sweet Rice Balls”
by Dita from My Culina Sanctuarium
Image Hosted by

FOURTH WINNER is ” Red and White Cake”
by Mama Pindy from Mama Pindi’s Kitchen
Image Hosted by

The jury also decided to give one more prize to the participant with the most unbending “red and white” spirit. It’s quite interesting reading her story on how she made the photo looks like it is now.

WINNER OF THE RED & WHITE SPIRIT  “Quark & Strawberry Sauce”
by Sefa from Dapur Negeri Dongeng
Image Hosted by

Again, congratulations for all the winners. You’ve done an amazing job! The prizes will be delivered to your door, just keep in mind that it may take some time as the postal regulations and restrictions may vary in each country. For those of you who do not win this time, please don’t be discouraged. All of you have done a great job! There’s always another chance – Fitri is actually planning the next one already. So keep an eye on her blog. Just remember one thing, is not about winning, but about having fun and being part of something.
* Winners & prizes decision are firm and non-negotiable
* Prizes will be delivered to the winners although we are not responsible 
  for the time/date of receipt.
* Any further correspondence regarding jury’s decision is not acceptable
  considering this event is free of charge & we never took any fees from 

See you on the next event!

Link to more postings Image Hosted by



  vania wrote @

Wow… thank you.
I’m so honour.

Congratulations to all the winners, and thank you so much for the hosts and judges. Great job!
Hope to see you at your next event 🙂

  barefootster wrote @

Thanks Vania, all of you have done an excellent job! Very happy to see the results. 😀

  Riana wrote @

Ya ampun sebel deh, baru nyadar kalo posting Lori’s Cheesecake harusnya bisa ikutaaaaaaan… huaaaa… Baru nyadar kalo warnanya kan merah puteeeeh…. huhuhu…
Walopun sih gak bakal menang juga, hiahaha.. tapi asik kan ikutan lomba makan kerupuk.. eh, maksudnya lomba motrek dan ngeblok 😀
Congratulation for all winners!!

  foni wrote @

webnya baru bener lagi yee…
aku ini suka banget liat category badges-nya imut222.. bikin sendirikah? pinter benenggg dehh

  barefootster wrote @

Foni, hihihihi 😀 thanks ya dah mampir. Iya, rumah baru, lagi pengen yang rada “fresh” gitu. Category badge dari Ritzenhoff…. cuma dimodifikasi dikit….

  barefootster wrote @

Hah? cheesecake mu merah-putih Ri? Waaaaaahhhh sayang amaaaattt… coba ikutan yah.

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