Sweet Mung Bean Soup

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I’ve been craving mung bean soup for a while, but never get to make it. The one I used to eat back home sweetened with palm sugar, served with a dollop of black rice porridge and drizzles of thick coconut milk. There’s a slight hint of fragrant from daun pandan cooked within the soup as well.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usJust perfect to be served warm for breakfast or sometimes to accompany a rainy afternoon – a bit like what we had today. 
Anyway, I’m not going to write down the recipe. It’s the easiest thing
a girl can cook.

Just a cup of mung beans, two cups of water, slices of fresh ginger, palm sugar/brown sugar, a cup of coconut milk and pandan leave if you have. Easy, right? I got the mung beans, good quality of coconut powder, nice sweet smelling palm sugar. The only thing missing is that pandan leave. I thought I could subs that with pandan essence. Should’ve known that will never work though. *Why did I even try?* It still tastes good anyway. Whoaaaa….  I miss home!  😦

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  maknya Nisa wrote @

hiyaa..ini cocok buat ibu gendut nih..sehat buat elo dan jabang baby.

kangen rumah ? laah..pan baru balik, pegimana gueee ? hik..

  redmenace wrote @

These pictures are lovely and the soup sounds fantastic!

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