Roundup Foodie Photo Contest

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Final roundup on FLICKR

It’s been so great to be able to host this foodie photo contest. Credit to my two other fellow foodie bloggers, Fitri and Dwi. Thank you guys! This wouldn’t happened without your support. I feel as I have given a tiny bit of contribution in my own way in joining the spirit of celebration, the Red & White in all of us.

I can’t tell you how proud I have been to see such enthusiasm from all of you who have participated and sent in your entries. Those are amazing photos, I tell you. Beautiful beautiful ones. Thank you so very much. So here goes, graze and drool over the photos  ROUNDUP at FLICKR

In the next few days, we will come up with our final decision on the winners. Please be patient. So do come back and check out this page again in the next few days.

Indonesia Merdeka!

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  Sefa wrote @

horeeeeeeeeeeeeee.. sukses ya Dhi, 70 entries gitu loh dan peserta yg lain cantik-cantik fotonya 🙂

  barefootster wrote @

Iya Fa, lumayan buat event pertama gw. Thanks dah ikutan ngeramein ya 😀

  mae wrote @

wah udah keluar ya, asik nih…sukses ya mbak bertiga *nitip salam sekalian buat mbak Dwi en mbak Fitri* taon depan lagi ya…

  regina wrote @

well done dhi-fitri-dwi 😀

wah sip banget round up-nya. bener2 sumber inspirasi buat menghias nih. moga2 wangsit jadi sering2 mampir ke aku 😀

  ema wrote @

hebat bagus2 semua…., makasih udah nyelenggarain event ini ya..:)

salam kenal

  mak Nisa wrote @

selamet ya mak.. kan kerja keras lo nih .. gue support lo dari jauh ajah..

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