A delightful update

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Hi guys, I will be taking a few days off blogging trying to catch up on a project that I’ve been delaying for a while. A life size window display facing the corner of the street on the side of the hotel, that I’ve been promising the sweet guy for over a month now and he’s running out of patience now….. *yikes*
Okay, okay, I will finish it by the end of this week, I replied to him.

The delightful news is, we’re pregnant. Yes, we’re very very pregnant and very very happy  😀

“Oh, btw, it would be great if you could do several food shots for the chinese restaurant some time this week”  he casually added. Hmm, sounds like a great offer. Maybe this could means a brand new lens for my camera. Yay! Wish me luck guys. I’ll be around checking on emails and stuff but won’t be posting for a while. And of course keeping posted on your entries for the Foodie Photo Contest 😉

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  mak Nisa wrote @

sukaaaa poto nya.. di doain juga biar makin banyak rejeki nya..

  foni wrote @

amin..baby bawa rejekiiii, biar lancar ampe 9 bln ya dhit..
turut senang ama orang2 yg lagi isi hihiii

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