Cool bites in Singapore

I feel a bit lost lately, almost numb and distracted. Barely have any interest to update my writings, blogs or even going online. It’s so much comfortable to be physically active – uhm, that is if you classify mall hoppings, checking out every aisles in Borders or visiting every street hawkers in Singapore as physical activity. No, really, I’m having so much fun. Nuff with the virtual, keep it for IM. Today, we’re going out shopping, baby!

Oh, have you been to Toast Box? Usually attached to Bread Talk, they’re part of it actually. I love their concept of sipping tea and having a simple toast that reminds you of places that your parents/grandma took you to when you’re little. Wooden bench, long spout teapots, vintage toaster and the wooden counter with old faded paint. Beautiful! The toast is to die for, at least for me. Always served warm with a slice of cold butter tucked inside that melts beautifully as soon as you bite. Yummmmmiiieee…..

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I don’t even mind anymore standing in line just to get a seat every morning there….

Our last night in Singapore, we discover world of great street food in Lau Pasat. It’s a huge area, partially open air, partially in buildings with hundreds and hundreds of food stalls. Really, I would go in big group the next time I come back. After passing the chinese food sections, indian food section, dessert section, we couldn’t move any further and stopped drooling at the barbecue section. The place is filled with rows satay stand and the sweet aroma of barbecued beef, lamb and chicken. Whoooaaa…. let me go mad for a sec, pls.

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 At Vivo City, I kept coming back to Bakerzin to try their desserts.  

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