Talk about rude

Can’t help myself giggling while clicking away links after links that lead me to  Niall’s posting about edible anus. That’s when I burst out laughing. It’s a Belgian chocolate, of course

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

It started when I checked my email and found a reply from Scott  RealEpicurean  about rude food, that probably would end up to be a long list… with lots of giggles and sniggers at the end.

What a great way to start a Sunday Morning!

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  elsye wrote @

not rude….tapi gue mendadak pengen kebelakang Dhi…wakakakkakaka, tapi tetep keliatan enakk…qiqiiqiq

  dita wrote @

eh sama kayak Elsye, gue juga mendadak pangen ke belakang…wakakakakkkk!!!!

  barefootster wrote @

*ngakak lagi baca komen lo bedua….* :-))))))

  fitri wrote @

coklat ??? pasti gue doyan.. dan kalap..dan sebetulnya lo ga usah cerita pegimana pegimana tentang itu coklat, yang udah skarang gue ga doyan coklat diatas qiqiqi.. *koq keq ng’jilatin pantat ndiri..*idiih..gue jorok banget yak..

mak’e ..dimana dirimu berada ? koq ya jadi ga kesampean gue nilpun elu, haah..sok sibuk dah ah gue..

  barefootster wrote @

@ Fitri : masih nyangkut di Sin mak… 😀 dah kangen lo yak? hehehhe…

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