Maroccan Dinner

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Tonight is our movie night at home. After work, David would usually come to join us for dinner and bring some new dvds with him. Mike will take care of the wine, while I usually stay in the kitchen until the last minute before the food is served.  He has seen Sex & The City five times already but still kept talking about it and wanted us to see that particular movie with him, again, tonight.

While Michael was pouring us wine, I was juggling between slow-cooking spicy bbq pork ribs and grilling them, roasting maroccan stuffed tomatoes and heating the broth for soto ayam as the side dish, which made a perfect accompaniment for the lemony couscous.

The Maroccan stuffed tomatoes is pretty much my own concoction inspired by the Mexican Stuffed Bell Peppers. Have you had those before? Those are amazing stuff. Wait until you try this. I was thinking of Maroccan’s Kefta (Kebab) stuffed into tomatoes. Strong flavours of maroccan spices blending in nicely with the tender minced beef and complemented by the refreshing tanginess of the oven-roasted tomato. Then a spoonful of couscous with a hint of lemon will redefine the flavours all over again.



* 4 pcs large firm red tomatoes, cored & discard seeds
* 250 gram lean minced beef
* 1 medium onion, chopped
* 2 tbs bread crumbs
* pinch of fresh spring onions, chopped
* pinch of fresh cilantro, chopped
* 1 egg
* 2-3 tbs of Maroccan Seasoning (add more if you like stronger taste)
* 3 pcs red chilies, chopped (optional)
* salt, pepper, sugar to taste

Cooking Direction:
1.) Heat the skillet, few drops of oil & cook onion until fragrant
2.) Stir in minced beef, cook until change color
3.) Add spring onions, cilantro, chilies & maroccan seasoning.
4.) Stir in egg & bread crumbs. Add more crumbs if necessary
5.) Arrange tomatoes in oven proof dish, stuff them with fillings
6.) Roast tomatoes for 20-30 mnts, sprinkle top with
     bread crumbs, roast till they turn light yellow



This must be the easiest thing to make. Just follow the steps on the packaging box
Add a twist of lemon, some salt and sprinkle with finely chopped cilantro

** Original Recipe by Dhita

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  Lore wrote @

Mmmm yummylicious :). I’m sure the infused flavours of the roasted tomato gave the beef the perfect boost.
Thanks for participating!

  barefootster wrote @

Thanks for stopping by, Lore

  Dragon wrote @

I bet your kitchen smelled amazing when you prepare these. Yum!

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