Monthly Mingle: Mango Peach Sorbet

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Mango is in season too here in Inner Mongolia. We don’t get as many varieties as other part of Asia. But there’re quite a few nice ones. Like these little yellow babies which I’m not sure of their variety but definitely local. They’re quite petit. About half the size of your palm and deliciously sweet. Kinda reminds me of the Alfonso mango from India. Pretty close though.

A simple recipe I found from Cook Smart – Low Fat by Hamlyn, with an itsy bit of modification. It’s refreshing to cool off the day.

* 2 pcs whole mangoes, peeled & cubed
* 1 pcs fresh peach, peeled & cored
* 2 pcs of lime – squeezed & grated rind
* 150 ml water
* 125 gr sugar

1.) Gently heat water + sugar until dissolves. 
     Bring to boil for 5 mnts. Allow to cool
2.) Place cubed mangoes in food processor,
     mix in the cooled sugar syrup until smooth
3.) Stir in lime juice & grated rind. 
4.) Pour mixture into shallow freezer container
5.) Freeze for 3 hrs. Remove from freezer, beat with a fork to break up the ice crystals.
6.) Return to freezer, freeze until solid. Take sorbet out 10 mnts before serving.

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This “Mango Mania” event is hosted by Meeta WFLH.
If you’re interested to participate have a look at the link HERE. Have fun!

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  Lore wrote @

What a brilliant pairing!

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