HFP # 3: Studio Pojok Dhi


Yups, that’s my humble corner for photo experiments. It gets the most lights during daytime. What you see there, is a simple handmade studio from used cardboard box (it’s a really thick one, the kind of box you’ll get from the movers) 70 x 50 cm plus ‘some’ paper found coincidentally in the local market – I think they use this kind of paper to wrap bakeries & munchies – quite thin but make a great light diffuser.

Never thought of going serious with this photo taking, I used to take food shots on the bed with plain white/black sheet as the background relying on the winter sun the whole time. Closing in to mid summer, it’s almost impossible using natural light in photo shooting. So, here you are. Using a corner of our living room, right next to a large window.

I made a smaller box previously, but the little cat decided to destroy it. That little creature, so pointlessly destructive. He was just sniffing the box. Before I knew it, I caught a glimpse of him flying in mid-air attacking the box into pieces. Sh*t!  This mini-studio is the second attempt. Hope it last longer. Both cats now look interested to turn this into their new scratching post. Go awaaaayyyyy….!!!


Pic.1.  Setup by a large window. The back light needs to be supported by a box to get the height I want. Under the table, the apple-green container, is my prop collection storage. I also keep a wooden wine box and a toaster cardbox just in case.

Pic. 2. Setup upclose – I love the lighting to help night shots

Pic. 3. Whoops, I guess I got carried away. I painted the edges with yellow floral design.


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  SyL wrote @

whoaaaa… udah jadi studio mininya…. congrats…..
dan pakai wordpress juga sekarang
enak ya ada categories nya

  barefootster wrote @

masih tahap transfer data dari blogspot ke wordpress, nanti mau jadi dot com. Layout wordpress memang lebih cantik ya.

  dita wrote @

Dhit, kalo softboxmu diacak-acak kucing, punyaku dijadiin rumah2an ma anak2 :(. Ya sutra gak pakek lagi. Makasih buat entry-nya ya.

  regina wrote @

gubraks…. rapi sekali ruangannya. belum lagi tu kotak pake dikasih edging lagi 😀

untung foto itu memilih pandangannya. kalo sudut lain di rumahku mah… wadao….

  barefootster wrote @

Ya ampun Dit… emang ya mereka suka bener main kemping2an di box… Thanks for the invy, Dit 😀

  barefootster wrote @

Rapi karena diberesin dulu… hahahaha, aslinya mah berantakan

  dwiana wrote @

lah Dit, lo kok ada disini ternyata. ganti blog?
ini studionya bikin gw jiper saking rapih nya euy. Punya gw?? waahh mending gk usah diceritain dah malu soalle.
keep jepret!

  barefootster wrote @

@ Dwi Hehehe, yang di blogspot layoutnya gak asik makanya gw pindah. Yang penting hasil jepretan lo kan, makin hari makin manteeebbbb…. 😀

  mae wrote @

duuh asik bgt studionya, rapih pula… hmmm jd pengen pny softbox juga 🙂

  Zita wrote @

Lam kenal,

ikut ngiri juga sama softboxnya 🙂

  fitri wrote @

Maak..itu kerdus sampe rapi gitu.. mantab mak..

  mindy wrote @

studio mini-nya TOB BGT, Dhi..

  Abby Handayani wrote @

salam kenal Dhita..wahh..salut euy dengan mini studionya…:D:D
thanks for sharing..:)
boleh saya link di blog saya ya ?

  barefootster wrote @

Mindy: Thanks… laaah tempat loe tuh natural lightingnya top abeeess. Susah nyari matahari gitu disini

Abby: boleh banget! makasih By. Buddy links ku blom di-update, tapi nanti pasti aku link juga. Masih ngerjain layout blog

Zita & Fitri: that softbox is history now. Diancurin lagi sama kucinks. Yang ketiga kalinya. Terpaksa bikin lagi dari kayu…

  Widya wrote @

mba Dhi…
softbox nya rapi yaaa…
jadi pengen bikin nih…
secara sekarang sempat baking nya malem terus, ga dpt ‘natural light’ kecuali weekend…
thanks for sharing… 🙂

  barefootster wrote @

ya ampuuunn, Wid, ini softbox dah ancurrr dibuat main rumah2an para kucinks. Heheheh….. Udah ketiga kali bikin, selalu dibuat trampolin sama mereka.

Akhirnya bikin lagi dari kayu. Aweeett… hihihihi 😀

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