Pink hues of sugary reminiscence

 Aaaahhh, Jakarta. Kangen yang terobati. A long-awaited time off. It felt like waking up from a lull. Struck by harsh reality – people get old and change, friends get married and move away and relatives are just….  ah, relatives. Life in a less sugar-coated version. I almost forgot what it feels like. Just take the bitter pill and swallow. It ain’t sweet but that’s life.

* I don’t like the vibes I’d been getting – feels like a lot of reminiscence. Unacceptance of what’s to come.

But we did spent a lot of mother-daughter time. Cooking together is the best part of all. Trying out recipes, cooking dishes that we grew up with, talking about everything and nothing, having the best home-cooked lunch and endless conversations. I am sure she misses that when I’m gone.

One afternoon mom came out from the kitchen showing me some brown flat cookies on a tray. They crumb quite easy, but the aroma is a amazing. Coffee-flavoured too! I love anything coffee-flavoured, even tooth paste. Ha! This would be perfect for my morning coffee. Aaaahhh, thanks mom. You’re just the best!!!!


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