Batik Inspired

I’ve always been a junkie for exotic dishes. Out of curiousity maybe, but part of it because I tend to get bored easily with mediocre stuff. I’m talking about life in general. Well, at least that’s how I feel. Stand up against the flow, be different. Don’t just be like everyone else, that’s mind-dulling *ugh, is that a word?*

I love going to the streets and back alleys in some foreign countries, just to accidentally find the best food. Isn’t it the point? the best authentic food comes from the street. I didn’t have any hesitation going into the street side of Delhi or Madras just to have a sip of the famous masala tea – which I fell in love with ever since, or to try those fried sweet balls gulab jamoon. Yummmmm!

Still, I feel that those fried bugs in the street of Bangkok is not something people should classify as ‘delicacy’. More of a fear factor material, I’ll say. Breads and skewered lamb in the market of Fez, Morrocco is to die for *can’t remember the name of restaurants tho* . Or the crab roe soup sold inside huge tin buckets in the street of Dalat and Saigon, Vietnam, bright orange crab roe with thin layer of chili oil floating on the surface with chopped spring onions. Oh, heaven! *smacking lips*

Snails are included on my exotic food list. I know, some of you may screw your nose. Escargot on a warm sliced of french bread, sprinkles of roasted garlic… whooooaaa. I think I’ve tried various snails sold in local supermarket. Keong Macan or loosely translated as Tiger Snails is one of them. Unfortunately I can’t find any reference about this snail on google. Well, you just rely on me then…  it’s goood!  The shells remind me a lot of an Indonesian style of textile design ‘Batik’. Pretty eh?

**FOR RECIPE click here**

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