Zuppa, Italian soup with puff pastry


I can barely remember years and years ago when this soup was introduced for the first time in Jakarta by a small Italian cafe snuggled in the corner of a garden surrounded by office towers. My usual hideaway for a-10 o’clock-coffee-break for a huge cup of delicious cappuccino, which at that time was still a new thing. It was still pricey as well. That place made the best cappuccino in the city. The soup was served in their huge signature mugs. It wasn’t such a hit back then.

But nowadays, years and years afterwards, the trend is beginning to hit. Everyone makes one. Everyone blogs about it and the recipe is high in demand. I am not going to put the recipe here, but will provide the link.

Didn’t remember what they name the  soup. Probably just a simple “Italian Soup” without any catchy names to get people’s interest. Not a really smart marketing.

In the meantime, back at home, mom received orders for this soup from her customers. She made one for me one morning. It was soooo good!



In return, I made her a flyer to promote her soup

**For recipe, click here



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