Stuffed Bitter Gourd

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One of my crazy cooking ideas – perhaps someone out there had experimented this but I’ve never seen it anywhere else before. I love bitter gourds. Although Michael morbidly hates them, I still cook them occasionally. He’d usually left them untouched, leaving a plateful for myself. Ha! The filling is actually what we use for “buntil” other type of dish made of shredded coconut mixed with baby anchovies and some spices. If you like “exotic” type of food, you’ll love this!


4 pcs medium size bitter gourd – cut into 3 parts, de-core & soak in warm salted water for a few hours to soften the bitterness. It won’t disappear completely, but will be edible.
* 1 cup of baby anchovies (teri medan) – stir fry till half cooked
* 5 pcs kaffir lime leaves, thinly sliced
* 2 cups shredded fresh coconut
Paste for fillings:
* 7 pcs shallots
* 5 pcs garlic
* 2 cm galangal/blue ginger
* 1 cm indian galangal (or kencur – optional)
* salt-pepper, sugar, maggi block

Paste for the yellow gravy:
* 5 pcs shallots & 5 pcs garlic
* 2 cm fresh turmeric
* 2 stalks lemon grass – white part, smashed
* 3 pcs kaffir lime leaves
* 1 cup thick coconut milk
* 2 cups of water

Cooking Directions:
1.) Mixed in baby anchovies, shredded coconut, lime leaves
     & fillings paste
2.) Add egg white, mix thoroughly. Stuff fillings into bitter gourds.
3.) Stir fry yellow gravy until fragrant. Add lemon grass,
     coconut milk, lime leaves & water
4.) Place stuffed bitter gourd into pan carefully, upwards. 
     Cover & cook until soft

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