An Afternoon Feast in Tauranga Beach

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A calm morning at the beach that we stroll on each morning

The first week of vacation we stayed at a Jan & Murry’s home in Tauranga. I had no idea the beach would be this beautiful. We get into the habit of getting up in the morning -which is a rare thing for us who are so used to getting up by 11am earliest whenever we’re on holiday – just to walk on the beach. Get up, a few sips of coffee and off we go barefoot on to the beach. It’s usualy empty anytime of the day, but morning sky on the beach is just awesome, so we don’t want to miss it.

One morning after a heavy storm the night before, the usually empty and clean beach was full of seaweeds scattered everywhere. It must’ve been quite a storm last night. Not only seaweeds, also puffed up blow fish stranded dead evey meter or so *weird*, some foreign debris, a headless penguin caught up in some plastic string, and lots blue bottle jelly fish. Yuck, better stay away from them. Those tentacles can cause serious problem.

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Pic 1: huge mussels, compared to my foot

A weird looking ball of something surrounded by seagulls, looked gooey, covered in thick barnacles. Mike said it was a floater, a buoy. I looked closer, it was covered with mussels. Still intact and alive as a few of them squirted water on me. Hehehe…  We rounded up to 4-5 kilograms of green lipped mussels from the beach. Too bad camera ran out of batt, wish I could take photos of the mussels when we picked them of the beach. Wow!!!

Called the troops to help me peel the mussels off. Jan even found two more buoys a few meters away, also full of green lipped mussels. They were quite large in size, 4 pieces of them is already a handful. Whoa, looks like we got lucky this morning. The ocean just gave us a free lunch. Oh I had sooo much fun! It took a while to scrub those barnacles off the mussels. No pain no gain. It was worth it. Those mussels were just beautiful & juicy cooked in white wine, garlic and sprinkles of chopped spring onions. Paired with Oyster Bay sauvignon blanc. Whoooo my goooshhhh, I’m in heaven!!! It was such an great experience.

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