Shrimp in Abalone Sauce


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Experimenting with abalone sauce this afternoon. With a bottle of abalone sauce bought from Beijing, and a fruitless search on google for recipes using abalone sauce. I decided to come out with something of my own.

* 200 gr large shrimps – deshelled & deveined
* 1 bouquet of broccoli – cut into small florettes
* 3 tbs abalone sauce
* 1 pcs medium onion, sliced thin
* 4 pcs garlic
* half of red bell pepper – cut into tiny cubes
* oyster mushrooms – sliced
* enoki mushroom – halved
(vegetables may be replaced as you wish)
Cooking Directions:
1.) Heat 2 tbs olive oil & stir fry onions + garlic till fragrant
2.) Put abalone sauce, bell pepper, broccoli
3.) Add the mushrooms, salt + pepper, sugar if needed
4.) Add shrimps, quickly mix in thoroughly until cooked thru
5.) Ready to serve

**Recipe from my own creative kitchen

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