Street food of Beijing


Xiaolong Bao, sort of huge dumplings with crab roe soup inside
Originally from Jiangsu province, the largest crab – hairy crab producer
There’s a long line of people to get their hands on these dumplings.
A great snack in the chilly weather of Beijing in February



L-R steamed sea cucumber, supposedly a fine dining material. The more spikes, the higher the price
Candied fruit, so typical Beijing. Can’t find these cuties anywhere else. My favorite, the strawberries!
Stuffed pineapples and deep fried cruncy star fish. Anyone?



Silk worm cocoons, hot and steamy sweets
…..and scorpions on a skewer. Whoa gosh!



Beautiful looking crabs, crunchy star fish, grilled eel in sweet soy
marinate and sea urchins. They take the thorns off and deep fry them in  batter.
Nope, I didn’t try this one. But the grilled eel is so good!



Baked oysters, anyone? Check out the size of those yummies! WOW!!!
Sprinkled with chopped garlic, butter & spring onions



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