Sambal Cincalok

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I’m not too sure where this condiment originated from. As far as I remember from childhood, it’s one of the typical dishes often made by my father’s side of family, the West Sumatrans, along with other condiments, sambal tempoyak. Altough on Google search I couldn’t find anything except all listings from malaysian sites.

Lemon Anchovy Chili

* 12 pcs red chili pepper/cayenne pepper
   may be subs with a hotter type of chili if you wish
* 2 pcs of lemons, squeezed
* 3 tbs cincalok or baby anchovies
* 3 pcs of shallots, finely chopped
* salt, sugar to taste
* 1 tsp lemon vinegar (optional)

Recipe source my dad’s fam


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