Batavian Beef Rib Soup

 a.k.a. Soto Tangkar Betawi. Probably the best beef ribs soup – that is if you like rich oriental spices in your soup combined with a dash of light coconut milk stewed until the ribs are juicy and tender. Roasted candlenuts, fresh galangal, ginger, lemon grass and kaffir lime leaves make this soup so refreshingly different.

* 400 gram beef ribs
* 1 kg brisket ( this portion enough for 3 westerners)
* 2 pcs bay leaves
* 3 stalks of lemon grass – bruised, tied into a knot & dump into pot
* 3 cm fresh galangal – roast in naked flame until fragrant
* 2 cm fresh ginger, sliced
* 3 pcs kaffir lime leaves
* 250 ml coconut milk
* 500 gr potatoe – cubed
* 4 cm cinnamon stick


Ground spices:
* 12 pcs shallots
* 7 pcs garlic
* 5 pcs red chilis
* 8 pcs candlenuts – roast in naked flame till fragrant
* 1 tbs coriander powder
* 1 tsp cumin powder
* 1 tsp white pepper powder
(all ground smoothly, then stir fry in cooking oil until fragrant)

Cooking Direction:
1.) Boil water with lemon grass, roast galangal, bayleaves in a pot &
     cook ribs + brisket until tender. This should take a while.
2.) In the mean time shallow fry cubed potatoes until golden brown
3.) When ribs & beef are tender enough, mix in the stir fried
     ground spices, kaffir lime leaves and cinnamon stick.
     Add salt + pepper
3.) Serve steaming hot. Place cubef potatoes first, then the ribs & soup.
     Sprinkle with chopped spring onions, chopped tomatoes
     and fried shallot or bawang goreng. Oh, heaven!!!!

** Recipe source from Femina Online

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