Cabbage Bundles

** Recipe is modified from hungarian stuffed cabbage rolls with minced beef fillings ~ these cabbage bundles are filled with siomay which is a fish-base steamed delicacy doused in spicy peanut sauce. Since hubby is not a big fan of peanut sauce, the sauce is then replaced by mildly spiced tomato sauce

* 1 pcs of large head green cabbage
   boil in low heat for 8-10 mnts until soft enough to peel
* 1 pcs of large mackerel fish, skin and bone, mashed until soft
* 200 gram of prawns, deveined and deshelled, mashed
* 200 gram corn flour/starch
* 6 pcs of shallot + 6 pcs of garlic, pound smooth
* salt, white pepper, fish sauce, sugar to taste
* spring onions, slice thinly
* 4 pcs large tomatoes, roughly chopped

Cooking Directions:
1.) Once the cabbage is soft enough, remove, drain & cool
2.) Remove the core prior to taking off the layers.
     Slice off the remaining core so it is easy to roll into bundles
3.) In a bowl, mix mackerel, prawns, shallots & garlic.
4.) Add flour gradually while pouring cold water little by little.
     Add salt, pepper, sugar, fish sauce to taste. Mix in one egg.
     Ensure the mixture is not watery or too dry.
5.) Place a spoonful of mixture onto the cabbage leave.
     Roll carefully into bundles and tuck both end by pushing inwards.
6.) Prepare medium heat pan, stir in chopped garlic until fragrant.
     Add chopped tomato/tomato paste. Sprinkle salt & pepper to taste.
7.) Place cabbage bundles on top of the sauce, add half cup of water,
     cover and simmer
8.) Serve with sprinkles of chopped scallion

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