Oodle Noodle

Indonesian fried noodle 
the Indonesian version has a noticeable hint of fragrant galangal root or blue ginger

* 2 packages of chinese egg noodle
* small bunch of
caisin or choy sum – chopped roughly
* small bunch of shiitake mushroom, cleaned and sliced
* 100 gram of minced chicken
* 2 slices of galangal root or blue ginger
* 2 eggs
* drizzle of fish sauce –
* 2 tbs of oyster sauce
* 6 pcs of shallot + 6 pcs of garlic – pounded smoothly
* 1 pc of bay leaf
* salt, pepper, dash of dark soy sauce
  and chopped chilis if you like it spicy

Cooking directions:
1.) Boil water & cook noodles until soft enough, add a few drizzles
     olive oil to prevent noodles sticking. Set aside in a strainer
2.) Stir fry garlic + shallots until fragrant. Add chicken + oyster sauce
3.) Break eggs & stir in without mixing too much with the rest.
     Add noodles, mix in thoroughly.
4.) Drizzles of dark soy sauce, fish sauce, salt, pepper and chilis to taste.
     Mix in chopped caisim and mushrooms. Close the lid.
5.) Upon serving, sprinkle with some fried shallots – bawang goreng

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